Author - William Borst

WILLIAM A. BORST has taught at virtually all levels of education from elementary school through university, published commentaries in many local and national publications, and hosted a weekly talk show on WGNU radio for 22 years. Having recently served as editor of the Mindszenty Report, Dr. Borst is the author of two prominent books: Liberalism: Fatal Consequences (1999) and The Scorpion and the Frog: A Natural Conspiracy (2005). He holds a PhD in American History from St. Louis University.


Viva La Difference

Women! To paraphrase one of my favorite comedians, Stephen Wright, most men can’t live without them and often can’t live with them for their inscrutable ways...


The Hollywood Gospel

For over a century, Hollywood has served as the showcase for American culture. For generations, patriotism, hard work, fair play, and even religious fervor...


Animal Farm

Just as George Orwell used a farm of animals to allegorize the invidious Communist philosophy, I see a farm of animals in a completely different light. While I...


The Blue Guards are Coming

If I had gotten up out of bed when I was a youngster and said to my mom and dad that I thought I was the Queen of Sheba, they would have laughed. But had I...


The Pearls of Joe Sobran’s Mind

Catholic journalist Joe Sobran, who has been called one of the best writers of our time, died on September 30, 2010 in Fairfax, Virginia from complication of...


Obama’s French Legacy

As the country settles back to its usual frenetic atmosphere of political bickering with Donald Trump as its new president, it is time to consider what former...