Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes

Very many years ago, when the world was oh so new; God created, in his image, people like me and you.

He created a world for man that was perfect in every way. A place that gave man all he needs. A place where man could stay.

This world was perfect as could be. Free of trouble and strife. A place where man could live happy and free, for his entire life.

God asked only one thing in return. He made it simple you see. He said just live your whole life through, loving and trusting Me.

But man made a conscious choice, of his own free will. That redefined man’s little world, the world that we have still.

Instead of peace and harmony, given all the fruits of the soil; man now had to earn his keep, through his own blood, sweat and toil.

By an act of his own free will, Man’s perfect world had ended. This consequence was oh so sad, cause that’s not what God intended.

So God left man to shape his world, by his own design. Saying you must leave this garden, now all the world is thine. But poor man just couldn’t see, that the promise that had been, would be lost for all time, as a consequence of sin.

So God said I’ll make a covenant, with you chosen few. If you’ll follow these laws for me, I’ll be your God for you. Then all the world will know I Am, for they will clearly see. My spirit abiding in you, you living in me.

But sadly, because of his sinful self, Man’s efforts were doomed to fail. Try as he might to live Gods law, Man’s evil would prevail.

But because of His undying love, God’s nature is to save. He had to free man from himself, for to sin man was a slave.

So God packaged up all his love, and laid it in a manger. Now redemption has been won, but no gift was ever stranger.

This precious heavenly gift, was the ever perfect one. For to earth to save mankind, God sent His only Son. This Son would take upon Himself, the judgement man has earned. So that man could live forever more, Man’s glory has now returned.

It’s been some two thousand years now, since that glorious morn. When salvation came to man and the Son of God was born.

We celebrate our Savior’s birth, and to His throne we pray. We dedicate one day each year. We call it Christmas Day.

May this celebration of our Savior’s birth, bring you happiness and peace. And His love that fills your heart, may it never cease.

May His spirit ever guide you, through life’s toil and strife. And may the love He’s given you, be manifest in your life.

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

May all your dreams come true. Not just for this season, but the whole year through.

And may you find the spirit of God, abiding in your heart. For his presence there is not new, He’s been there from the start.

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Written by
Deacon Donald Cox