Perhaps, But What Kind of Rosary

Perhaps, But What Kind of Rosary

For us devout Catholics, who take our faith very seriously, one of the most frustrating aspects of politics is the “Catholic” politicians who consistently support and vote for policies that are diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching. Whether itʼs abortion, so-called gay rights, conscience clauses, or contraception, these politicians consistently follow an anti-God, anti-Church agenda. And yet we hear that these same individuals attend Mass and receive communion but suffer no canonical discipline from their priest or local bishop. To call this situation a scandal is an understatement. In reality, it is an abomination that cries to heaven for justice.

And just recently, no greater phony Catholic than Nancy Pelosi told a reporter that Vice-president Joe Biden is a “good” Catholic who prays a rosary each day. Assuming that itʼs true, what does a true Catholic make of this? Does Mr. Biden actually pay attention to the words he recites? Does he pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” and then makes no attempt to discern the will of God? Does he really believe that the will of God is to kill unborn children? Does he really believe that Godʼs will is to permit homosexual marriage? Does he really believe that God wills that teen girls have access to contraception?

And when he recites the Hail Mary fifty-three times in one rosary, do the words “blessed is the fruit of thy womb” make any impression at all? Does Mr. Biden not see the dignity of life inherent in the words? Apparently not.

When Mr. Biden faces the day of judgment, will he point out to the Lord that he was vice-president for the most anti-Catholic, anti-life president in the history of the United States? I donʼt know the mind of God, but my guess is that He will not be impressed. After all, what does it profit a man to gain the world (or vice-presidency) and lose his soul?

But then, again, perhaps Mr. Biden prays a different rosary, a rosary that more accurately reflects his political or moral views. Letʼs have some fun and speculate as to the mysteries that such a rosary might offer:

FIRST Mystery: Obama stimulus bill passes Congress; SECOND Mystery: ObamaCare becomes law of the land; THIRD Mystery: Obama gets debt ceiling raised; FOURTH Mystery: Obama promotes $477 billion jobs bill; FIFTH Mystery: Obama blames “rich” for economic woes
FIRST Mystery: Obama apologizes to world for American criminality; SECOND Mystery: Obama ignores freedom revolt in Iran; THIRD Mystery: Obama condemns Israel; FOURTH Mystery: Obama ignores military advice and removes troops from Iraq; FIFTH Mystery: Obamaʼs support for “Arab Spring” paves way for Islamist takeover in Mid-East
FIRST Mystery: Obama ends pro-life Mexico City policy in his first week in office; SECOND Mystery: Obama ends “Donʼt Ask, Donʼt Tell” policy in military; THIRD Mystery: Obama Justice Department refuses to defend DOMA; FOURTH Mystery: Obama rejects “conscience clause” for hospital workers opposed to abortion; FIFTH Mystery: Obamaʼs Secretary of State asks U.N. to declare homosexuality a “human right”
FIRST Mystery: Obama Justice Department refuses to prosecute Black Panther voter intimidation; SECOND Mystery: Obama “Fast and Furious” plan provides assault weapons for Mexican drug cartels, which leads to numerous deaths; THIRD Mystery: Obama Solyndra deal loses half-billion dollars of taxpayer money; FOURTH Mystery: Obama pushes security-threatening LightSquared deal to help his wealthy donors; FIFTH Mystery: Obama spends hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for extravagant family vacations
Of course, Mr. Biden must say certain conventional prayers during a rosary. As you know, The Lord’s Prayer comes first. Perhaps a significantly revised version would go like this:

Our Father, which is the government, fearful is thy name. Your tax bills come, we pay the sum, On earth until we get to heaven. Give us this day our daily dole, And expand our entitlements, As we destroy those who try to limit them. And lead us not into responsibility, But deliver us from independence. Amen!

As for the others? I’ll leave them for you to fill in the blanks.

I hope no reader sees the above as blasphemous. I have great respect for the rosary and pray several mysteries each day. But my goal is to make a political/moral point, and I pray that I have succeeded. If I have fallen short of that goal, please accept my apology.

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Written by
Thomas Addis