Completing Our Lenten Journey
Completing Our Lenten Journey

Completing Our Lenten Journey

As we complete our Lenten journey, we have the opportunity to reflect on how well we have progressed.

Have we been faithful to the disciplinary practices we initiated on Ash Wednesday?

Or have we become lazy?

Are we still working toward changing our opinions, attitudes and actions or have we fallen back into old habits?

While these practices are laudatory, more important are the changes we have experienced this Lenten season. How have we become better persons during the past six weeks? Are we less judgmental and critical? Are we more patient and helpful? Are we happier? The fact is if we have not experienced a change for the positive this Lent perhaps we had not fully entered into the spirit of the season.

But have no fear, there is still time to make improvements. Like students studying for a final, you can put together an “all-nighter.” These last few days of Lent may be thought of as a “mini retreat” in which we more intensely prepare for the Triduum and the Easter season. Perhaps we can spend more time in prayer and works of mercy. Perhaps we could eliminate distractions like TV, the internet, frivolous shopping, and useless conversation during the next several days. Perhaps we could spend more time in meditation and attending more communal prayer at our local parishes. Whatever we decide to do should be an opportunity to deepen our relationship with God.

As we continue our Lenten journey, may our lives reflect our growing relationship with God and may that relationship be expressed in how we love our brothers and sisters.

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Written by
Msgr John Kasza