Countdown To The Coming Persecution: Part III

Countdown To The Coming Persecution: Part III

The pieces of the puzzle are fitting together, and the emerging picture is quite ominous.  These fears are also borne out by numerous contemporary private revelations which speak of a coming persecution.  At this time I want to share some of these alleged visions and messages with you, using revelations supposedly given to four different messengers, some of them personally known to me.

The first involves a priest in Michigan, who was reportedly given a warning three years ago by St. Therèse of Lisieux, who told him,

In a short time, what took place in my native country [a reference to the religious persecution accompanying the French Revolution], will take place in yours. The persecution of the Church is imminent. Prepare yourself.

Another contemporary prophet is an anonymous messenger in Chicago who goes by the title of a Chosen Child; over the last few months Jesus has allegedly been giving this person dire warnings about the need to elect the right person as president later this year.  A message from the first half of March states, “My little ones, I have been telling you in the past that this is your last election.  If the wrong man gets elected there will be no need for another election.  He will be your dictator for years to come and you will be living under tyranny.  Your churches and schools and hospitals and anything Catholic will be closed.  There will be no freedom for anything.  You will be told what you are to believe and if you don’t go along with their system, you will be sent to concentration camps to be brainwashed.”  Other messages allegedly received by this messenger in Chicago make it clear that the current occupant of the White House has a sinister agenda, whereas one of those who is seeking to become the nominee opposing him this fall has Heaven’s blessing—and, if enough of us offer our prayers and sacrifices on his behalf, this candidate can be victorious, in spite of seemingly impossible odds.

A third messenger, whom many of you will have heard of, is John Leary, whom I’ve known for over fifteen years, and whose alleged messages I’ve studied for even longer than that. Some of the major themes of the messages Jesus has allegedly given to Mr. Leary are that a behind-the-scenes movement toward a one-world-government is working to eliminate major obstacles to their plans—namely, Christian influences in American society, and U.S. freedom and prosperity; that as a result of these efforts and our society’s rebellion against God and its growing level of immorality, major upheavals will occur, including natural disasters, war, economic collapse, societal breakdown, the imposition of martial law, and an outright religious persecution; and that at the height of these dangers, angels will lead God’s faithful remnant to places of refuge, where they’ll be safe and undetected until Divine Justice has finished cleansing the earth of evil and brought about a glorious new Era of Peace.

Rather than going into detail about this entire process, I want to focus on several recent messages Mr. Leary has allegedly received in February from Jesus pertaining to a possible religious persecution.  For example, this warning was given early this year:  “My people . . . , the latest [mandate] forcing [the] handing out [of] birth control devices [by] all of your religious organizations is just the beginning of your problems.  As your government looks to make cuts in your health plans, you will see rationed care, especially less care to be given to the elderly.  Eventually, these same authorities will try to force mandatory chips in the body on you for your identification.  You will soon need this chip for your health care, and any government entitlement [such] as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare.  Even food stamps will require such a chip in the body.”  Needless to say, this chip represents the “mark of the beast” mentioned in the Book of Revelation, and in many alleged messages Jesus warns us not to take this chip under any circumstances; He will instead provide for all our needs in a miraculous way.

Jesus also allegedly said, “Your current administration has taken away many of your freedoms guaranteed by your Constitution.  It is about time that your people realize what is going on, and now they are speaking out against your president’s edicts.  If you do not take a stand for your religious freedom, then all of your freedoms will be taken away when these evil ones bring in the North American Union.  Be prepared for a heavy-handed battle against your rights.”  The North American Union, of course, is a proposed regional government for Canada, the United States, and Mexico, which would have unified laws and a newly-introduced common currency.  This would supposedly be introduced to enhance our security and economic prosperity, but would actually be a major step in eliminating American sovereignty and imposing a one-world-government.

A further message allegedly given to Mr. Leary by Jesus states, “My people, today you are fighting for your religious freedom [in that] you do not want to be forced to do something against your faith [such] as handing out birth control devices.  Tomorrow you will soon be struggling for your life as you will be persecuted for just believing in Me…. As the evil people gain in power, your persecution will worsen because the one-world-people will be trying to eradicate Christianity.”  It’s reasonable to assume this persecution won’t happen all at once; there will be a series of gradual restrictions, each rooted in political correctness or justified in the name of national security—until, through a step-by-step process, the First Amendment’s guarantee of the free exercise of religion will be a dead letter, and America will officially no longer be one nation under God.

Many details of this looming nightmare are given in the visions and messages from Our Lord and Our Lady received by an alleged visionary in Michigan whom I’ll call Vincent—again, someone I’ve known for over fifteen years.  Vincent is also known to Maureen Flynn, the publisher of Signs & Wonders for Our Time magazine, and she’s told me his messages are in line with revelations allegedly given to other contemporary visionaries and locutionists.  These messages and visions I’ll mention here have all allegedly been given to Vincent over the last eighteen months.

First of all, if you’ve wondered why, a few years ago, the government was willing to spend money to help every household acquire a high-digital TV even as it faced huge operating deficits, it seems there was a sinister agenda at work, probably involving efforts to monitor and control citizens.  Moreover, Our Lady told Vincent, “HDTV is destroying your immune system,” and then he saw the words “Hell’s Demonic Transmitted Virus”—HDTV.  Vincent was also told that all currency will soon be replaced by an ID card with a chip, which will limit and track purchases, and grocery shopping will be allowed only once a week.  Also, driver’s licenses will need to be renewed every three months, and persons 65 and older will not be allowed to drive. Our Lady said, “Police will be randomly searching homes, even if you’re not there.”  Still more ominously, the Department of Homeland Security will require children, ages 8 – 16, to attend classes at undisclosed campsites for 30 days, where they’ll be trained as informers to report any illegal activity they see—presumably eventually including the practice of religion.

As part of a long-predicted schism or division within the Catholic Church in the United States, many Catholic churches will separate from the Vatican.  Vincent was told several times, “Eighty percent of Catholics will drift away from the True Faith.”  Part of the reason for this, of course, will be the increasing pressures placed on those trying to continue practicing their religion.  First of all, there will be a law requiring people to register their religion, church, and frequency of attendance; soon afterwards, another law will forbid crosses to be displayed outside of the church buildings, even on church property, and then church services will be limited to once a month.  The use of Bibles in public will be forbidden (but no restrictions will be placed on the public use of the Koran).  There are other government regulations being prepared for churches, including a requirement that they perform gay marriages.  Also, Our Lady said, “Priests will have to submit [to] and pass a lie detector test in order to legally continue their ministry”—and this test will ask them about any criminal offenses mentioned to them in the confessional.  Private confessions themselves will eventually become illegal; instead, sins will have to be confessed in front of a lay panel of three or more persons.  It will be illegal to mention or discuss the Ten Commandments in public, or to mention God’s Name in public places.  It will also be illegal to display or use rosaries in public places, and this will include churches, which will be monitored by cameras and recorders.

Eventually, many religious believers will be taken to detention centers for refusing to deny their faith.  Those persons marked for arrest once martial law is declared—namely, devout Christians and patriotic Americans opposed to a one-world-government—are already listed in computers.  The FEMA camps are staffed with foreign troops, and most of the detention centers already secretly hold innocent detainees.  If large numbers of arrests make it necessary, public parks and recreation centers will also become detention centers.  Jesus said, “Persecutions will spread like wild-fire.  Christians will be targeted throughout the world.  Concentration camps are [already] staffed and operating.”

Also, Vincent had a vision of churches burning in the United States, and Our Lady told him, “Many priests will be martyred,” and he then saw a vision of several priests hung or crucified.  Mary also said, “Soon Christian religions will be illegal.”  Another revelation Vincent received explains this point; he was told that once a one-world-religion is introduced, approximately one-half of the churches in our country will refuse to participate in it, and will therefore be forced to close.

If all this seems too incredible or horrible to believe, another message of Our Lady helps put these revelations into context, for as she told Vincent, “Satan is now in charge of every government in the world.”  If this is indeed true, then an all-out assault on Christianity is a certainty.  Looking at the war-mongering, corruption, and seemingly-irrational policies of many world governments today, I find it quite easy to accept the authenticity of this additional vision granted to Vincent.  He saw Satan sitting on a throne, holding a lit torch in his left hand and a branding iron with the numeral 666 in his left.  Eighteen world leaders—a symbolic number representing six plus six plus six—were standing in submission in a semi-circle facing Satan on his throne.

It almost sounds as if the devil and his many servants are gaining the upper hand.  However, Jesus and Mary have continually assured us that the minority of devout Christians who are called to endure arrest, imprisonment, and even martyrdom will be given the grace and strength needed to remain true to their faith, and all the other faithful servants of God will be led to places of safety—despite the efforts of their enemies.  Our Lady told Vincent, “Rosaries will interrupt tracking systems.  Angels will guide God’s flock to designated refuges.  Only He knows the lists, the sites, and the time.”  Vincent was also given a vision of a priest offering an outdoor Mass by candlelight—an act that will be strictly illegal in the future.  A helicopter was flying overhead, searching for such illegal activity, and a searchlight was shining down on everyone kneeling at the Mass—but all that could be seen from the helicopter was empty grass.

A similar vision speaks of the importance of the rosary.  Vincent saw people walking down both sides of a city street, when suddenly military trucks pulled up; soldiers began forcing civilians onto the trucks and then took them away.  However, among the people walking the streets were some who wore rosaries around their necks or carried them in their hands; they were allowed to proceed unhindered, almost as if they were invisible.  This leads into a final, highly-important and symbolic vision Vincent received.  He saw an endless number of people walking down a road; when they came to a fork, they had to choose whether to go to the right or to the left.  Alongside the road to the right were baskets of rosaries; the road to the left was lined by baskets of gold coins.  Devout followers of Christ went to the right, but most people went to the left, stuffing their pockets with gold.  Eventually both roads became bridges crossing a great abyss.  For those traveling the right-hand road, the Era of Peace—or a New Eden—was awaiting them on the other side of the abyss, and they crossed over safely.  A pot of gold apparently awaited those traveling the road to the left—but in trying to reach it, they all fell into the abyss because their bridge crumbled beneath their feet.

If we give into the values of this world, or rely upon our own efforts to make it through the coming chastisements, we will certainly fail—possibly at the cost of our immortal souls.  More than ever before in our lifetimes, it’s essential that we be firmly rooted in faith.  Certainly there’s nothing wrong with making prudent material and financial preparations, especially if we’re led to do so as a result of prayer and discernment; however, our trust must ultimately be in God, for He alone can help us remain firm in a coming time of turmoil, confusion, and persecution.  Spiritual preparations must always come first, and then material ones; moreover, Our Lord has promised to provide for His people, even to the point of multiplying food and confusing the electronic tracking devices of the one-world-authorities, as long as we live in a spirit of obedience, generosity, and trust.

Assuming we do have a solid spiritual foundation, and are seriously living our religion, there are some practical things we should be doing or considering as we prepare for a coming possible religious persecution.

First of all, we must use our religious freedom while we still can, and avoid taking it for granted or assuming everything will remain more or less the way it is now.  Even apart from alleged private revelations on the subject, there are numerous signs in government and society that a persecution may be on the way.  Now is the time to resist this trend as fervent Catholics and concerned citizens.  Join organizations such as the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Focus on the Family, and the American Family Association; write letters to the editor when our Catholic faith or our Christian values are attacked, and let elected officials know where you stand on issues involving religious freedom and moral values.  Above all, vote—in every election—only for candidates who not only say the right things, but who have a track record of defending human life and religious liberty.  We do not have to apologize for letting our Catholic Faith guide and inform our political and social values, and we must vigorously oppose any efforts to turn us into second-class citizens.  It’s time we started pushing back, in a peaceful and loving but unyielding way; there’s nothing wrong with Catholics adopting an “in your face” attitude toward society—as long as we show the face of Jesus while we’re doing it.

Secondly, we must find others who believe as we do—perhaps by looking around at some of those here right now—and begin meeting together and talking and sharing and brainstorming.  Become well-informed on these issues.  Has one of you read a good book or magazine article on this subject?  Mention it or share it with others in your circle of friends and acquaintances.  Can someone in your group personally vouch for a political candidate as being a person of true patriotism and integrity?  Consider that input as you decide how you’ll vote.  Do you know someone who’s very good at using the various communication technologies?  Seek his or her help in organizing e-mail alerts and on-line petitions.  The more you know about coming threats, the better prepared you’ll be to resist them; the more you know other people who feel strongly on these issues like you, the easier it will be to overcome temptations to hopelessness and discouragement.

Thirdly, we must strengthen our relationship with Christ, learning to trust in Him ever more deeply, for a solid spiritual foundation is necessary in order to withstand the troubles of life in general, and the unique challenges of our era of history in particular.  Our Lord’s parable of the house built on a rock foundation (Mt. 7:24-27) is timely and important in this regard.  Too many Christians today—Catholics most definitely included—have built their lives on sand by giving a higher priority to this world than to the Kingdom of God, and so if the threatening storms do arrive, their so-called faith will come crashing down.  We must be sure we’re putting Jesus first; we must be closely united to the One Who promises that He has conquered the world (Jn. 16:33), seeking His guidance in all things and learning to trust in His care for us.  This also involves keeping a proper perspective; as one Christian leader pointed out, “The reason Christians are being persecuted is because we are winning, not because we are losing.”  Satan knows his time is short, and that the victory promised through the Immaculate Heart of Mary draws near; therefore, we should see the frightened roars of his servants for what they are:  the death rattles of a doomed and defeated kingdom of evil.

Fourthly, if we’ve not already done so, we should very soon make whatever material or physical preparations we feel the Lord is calling us to do.  Perhaps that may mean slowly weaning ourselves away from an over-reliance on technology; certainly it means being cautious in our use of electronic devices, including being careful what we watch on TV and assuming our telephone conversations and computer communications are being monitored.  We should also pray about possibly storing food and water, acquiring useful barter items in case of an emergency or economic collapse, and purchasing any religious articles or books we may need or want while they’re still available.  These preparations, however, must be undertaken in a spirit not of fear and selfishness, but one of generosity and trust.  Through Mr. Leary and various other alleged messengers, Jesus has promised that when it comes to food and water and other needed supplies, He will, if necessary, multiply what we have—but only if we generously share with others in need.

Lastly, we must pray and sacrifice as if our future and the future of our country depend on it—for they do.  Our active participation in Mass, our attendance at Eucharistic Adoration, our Rosaries and Divine Mercy chaplets, our freely-chosen prayers offered in reparation for the sins of the world, and our fasting and other acts of penance, can unleash great spiritual power—not only benefiting ourselves and our loved ones, but also resulting in the conversion of many sinners and the delaying, lessening, or even prevention of many predicted chastisements.  Prayer is extremely powerful—especially the two greatest prayers of all:  the Mass and the Rosary.

As Our Lady told us at Fatima, we need to pray for the souls in purgatory, the conversion of sinners, and for peace in the world—and today it’s more evident than before that we must also pray for the Holy Father and all leaders of the Church, for the moral and spiritual renewal of our country, and for the restraining of all who seek to implement an evil agenda and harm the people of God.  Prayer may delay, mitigate, or even prevent a coming religious persecution—and at the very least, it will help us and many others be spiritually ready if and when it arrives.  According to recent prophecies, some followers of Jesus will experience hardship, imprisonment, or even martyrdom; many others will be led to places of refuge, and all who place their trust in the Lord will have their names written in the Book of Life.

As Archbishop Sheen warned, holding onto the truth may well earn us the world’s hatred—but it’s precisely this sort of persecution that reassures us that we’re on the winning side.  The Lord has promised us a share in His victory.  In the meantime, He asks us to be watchful and ready, to reject the temptation to be anxious or fearful, and to turn to Him in all our needs.  Most of us are still proud to be citizens of the United States, but our true allegiance is, and always should be, to the Kingdom of God.  The blessings and freedoms we’ve experienced as Americans must not lessen our willingness to surrender everything to Christ, even to the point of dying in His Name—for in this way alone will we produce a rich harvest (Jn. 12:24-25).

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Written by
Fr Joseph Esper