Moral Depravity 101
Moral Depravity 101

Moral Depravity 101

I just realized today that we live in a morally-depraved world. Scams abound on the Internet and now they are coming to your local neighborhood. People preying on elderly citizens and claiming to be selling magazines to raise money for military members – all a hoax! Add to this the dishonest contractors that claim to want to fix your roof that, of course, is not broken. It is getting so bad that you can’t even trust your local mechanic who, because his business is way down, wants to do all kinds of work for you that you don’t need. How about the students getting phone calls now from a company claiming to be able to get them a student loan if they just send a deposit in to process the paperwork.  Thousands of hard earned dollars are lost to these scam artists every day!

I receive on the average at least a dozen emails every day from sites all over the world wanting to cut me a real deal using a Canadian pharmacy to buy my Viagra at a discount or become a mystery shopper – sure! I didn’t think there was anyone left anymore that still believed in that Nigerian money scandal. That has to have been around for 10 or 15 years but there appears to be people out there that are still naive. Who hasn’t got the email that there is a Federal Express or a UPS package waiting for them at the local UPS or Federal Express office. One “golden-rule” is to never open an email that you don’t know the sender. It will save you a lot of money when some sick individual attaches a virus to his email that will create havoc with your hard drive.

The Christmas Holidays are, of course, the season with the greatest upswing in fraudulent activity. How about all the calls for donations to the Police and Fire Fighters Association that does not exist or the Cancer Foundation that has absolutely no association with the real organization. It is no wonder that people are becoming callous.  The trust level in our society today is at an all time low. I have been using cash lately in a lot of restaurants where I don’t know the servers. Your credit card can be copied with a click of a button on a cell phone using the camera feature. Or how about rubbing a pencil over the information on the credit card on a blank piece of paper. In many neighborhoods it has gotten so bad that the UPS driver will not leave a package on the porch if no one answers the doorbell. People actually drive behind many of these trucks as they deliver packages and steal them right off the porch as the driver heads for the next residence.

I know our economy is bad for a lot of people and many of them are desperate. I am not all that sure what I would do if the only money I had was a few dollars in my pocket. But I find it difficult to believe how some people will stoop to be deceitful and downright dishonest. Knocking an elderly lady down and stealing her purse, stealing from the poor box or donation box for lighting candles in a church, walking through parking lots trying the doors on every car looking for an unlocked door, or two kids on a bicycle driving through neighborhoods looking for a unattended bicycle so the second kid can jump off and onto the unattended bicycle so they can book through the neighborhood.  Makes one question our newfound morality these days!

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Written by
Donald Wittmer