Rules For Conservatives

Rules For Conservatives

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In my letter of December 21, last year I proposed that we wade into the great contest for our future, restore the United States to its rightful condition as the “great political light” that it once was, and likewise restore our government to one which, in brief, honors the citizens and the Constitution. In order to do this, there must be a Guiding Star, an overriding Belief System, and an unshakable Code of Conduct.

  • The Guiding Star in our struggle is Patriotism.  I need say no more about that quality.
  • The Belief System is Conservatism. I beg you take note that I did not say “Republicanism”.
  • The third is more difficult, and the one which I wish to address over my next several letters.

It is insufficient to the difficulty of these times to simply claim to be a Conservative. One must act in accordance with what Conservatism teaches and understand how to defend it, peacefully, when one is attacked for those beliefs. To this end I offer you the Rules for Conservatives, a plan for living the Patriotic beliefs that brought our nation so very far in so few years.

Rule Number One: Do All Things In Love.

Those whom we contend against, the liberal, are motivated by the lower emotions and so see those emotions in Conservatives. Division, Jealousy, Anger, all drive their thinking and actions. The conservative must do all things in love: of country, of neighbor, of the generations not yet born – even of political opponent. This will baffle the liberal and validate our claim of the moral high ground.

Rule Number Two: Seek the Facts in All Things.

There is too much “truth” today in the public discourse, and neither commentator nor reporter can be relied upon to disclose the facts on any issue. In order to champion the cause of the United States and argue successfully for a return to the values and behaviors that made us great, we must be able to speak factually about the issues. Discover the facts on an issue yourselves and do not rely on the fifth estate.

Rule Number Three: Act Beyond the Polls.

It is insufficient to the moment to simply exercise your belief in America’s greatness by voting once every one, two, or four years. Discover the thing which you are called to do on a daily basis to advance the cause of our nation and never waver from doing it.

Rule Number Four: Do Not Be Afraid.

The Liberal acts too often from fear (and fro guilt) and we must act counter to this. We have nothing to fear as the goodness of America far outweighs its evils. We advocate for the right cause. Act boldly and fearlessly.

Rule Number Five: Never Give Up

The ideology that seeks to strip the American Citizens of their basic urge for self-reliance, personal charity, and national pride did not spring up overnight. Our battle will be long. Never Give Up.

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