First Lady Awards Husband Best Picture Oscar

First Lady Awards Husband Best Picture Oscar

February 24, Los Angeles, CA: Surprising Academy members and movie fans alike, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared at the end of the 85th annual Academy Awards to present the Oscar for Best Picture to her husband, President Barack Obama.

Some industry veterans were caught off guard, but most seemed supportive.

“I guess I thought (Best Picture) might go to a movie,” reflected Hollywood legend Meryl Streep. “But I am behind the decision completely. I think Oscar will look just wonderful next to his Nobel Peace Prize!”

“I suppose it was a question of budget,’ mused Oscar-winning director Stephen Spielberg, whose own movie Lincoln lost out to the president. “Most films contending for Best Picture have huge marketing budgets allocated for influencing Academy member voting. But Obama really had us all beat this year – I mean, how do you compete against a $1.5 billion tax break? That’s when you know someone is really, really serious about bringing home that golden statue.”

Given the wildly positive media reaction, several surprise more awards are in the works for the Obamas in coming year.

For 2013, Michelle Obama will honor her husband by awarding him The Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance, The International Mathematical Union’s Fields Medal, ISO 9001 certification, the American Medical Association (AMA) Physician’s Recognition Award, and the coveted Victoria Cross.

[The preceding article is intended as satire]
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