A Lenten Blessing And Helpful Prayerform

A Lenten Blessing And Helpful Prayerform

A Blessing

May you live these Lenten days with Mary,

in the joyful warm embrace of your Beloved Christ—

knowing that your love, gratitude and service to others

are sufficient to gladden His heart.

May you hear your Beloved Christ

call you to come apart from daily routine sometime

and rest a while alone with Him in a place apart—

so that your spirit may be lit with the Resurrection-light

of His radiant love and presence.

May your heart be filled to over-flowing with Lenten-grace,

so that your whole being may sing with new Alleluia-joy on Easter

and everyday thereafter—until your eternal Alleluia

with your Beloved Risen Christ, Forever!

A Helpful Prayerform

(Use this prayerform 5-10 minutes daily. All you do is to give Christ the time. He’ll do the rest! Your Lent will be graced.)

    • Find a quiet place.
    • Relax; close your eyes if possible.
    • Take a few deep breaths.
    • Ask Christ to touch the center of your being.
    • Slowly repeat a word/phrase to help keep focused on Christ within you.
    • To end your quiet time, speak a prayerform to Him from your heart and ask His blessing.
    • Then, go forth with Him (and Mary) to share His radiant love in your world!
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Written by
Sr Angelita Fenker