May Our Hearts Be Filled With God’s Love For All Creation
May Our Hearts Be Filled With God’s Love For All Creation

May Our Hearts Be Filled With God’s Love For All Creation

On this fourth Sunday of Advent, we begin a very short week. Christmas is just around the corner. In fact, Tuesday is December 24th. We are tempted to rush into celebrating Christmas and forego the remaining days of Advent. Even today’s Gospel (Matthew 1:18-24) tells us how the birth of Jesus came about. So what are we to celebrate?

Although the fourth week of Advent is short, we are reminded that God so loved the world that He became one of us. The word “Emmanuel” means “God-with-us.” Think about that for a moment. God promised us through Isaiah that He would save his people. The way God chose to save us was by becoming like us in all things but sin.

In our waiting for God (or in our anticipating Christmas), it is an opportunity to reflect upon why God chose to become like us. Simply put, the other methods were not working. God sent us prophets and signs and events to draw people closer to Him, but the people continually ignored God’s invitations. In His great love, God decided to become human and live like and with us as a model and witness of what we are expected to do.

Paul’s letter to the Romans (1:1-7) articulates what it is we should do: be evangelizers. Each one of us has been called to the “grace of apostleship” which is a fancy way of saying that we are sent to proclaim the Good News. In other words, we should do what Jesus did.

As we anticipate the great feast of Christmas, may our hearts be filled with God’s love for all creation. May we try to proclaim the Gospel by our words, but more importantly, by our actions and way of life. Let each of us become living witness of the reason for the season, Jesus Christ and may our proclamation lead others toward God’s Kingdom.

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Written by
Msgr John Kasza