A Pro-Life Hymn

A Pro-Life Hymn


(Melody: Humbly We Adore Thee)

(1) Father and Creator: Our souls are Your own. For our sins against life, We wish to atone. You cherish each unborn child, And bestow a soul; Help us make a pro-life world Our undying goal.

(2) Out of nothing You made All that does exist; On the value of each Life You do insist. Innate dignity You gave To all Your children; By our lives, may we say to Your great gift “Amen.”

(3) You sent Your only Son For us all to die: To free us of sin, and Our souls purify. Ev’ry human life is thus Great beyond all worth; So You ask Your children to Celebrate each birth.

(4) Our poor world has rebelled Against Your command; Abortion is legal Throughout our homeland. Father, forgive us, for we Know not what we do; By this sin, we crucify Jesus Christ anew.

(5) We pray for country, That it may repent; From our culture of death, We hereby dissent. Lord, may our prayers bring about A pure choice for life; And end all division, and Overcome all strife.

(6) Through Mary’s prayers, may grace Touch all mothers’ hearts, Until fear and despair From their lives departs. May they know the care and love Of Your holy Church; And find peace and compassion, For which they do search.

(7) That all abortionists Convert, we now pray; So that they may no more Human life betray. Lord, may Your grace help transform Our society, So that of this evil we May at last be free.

(8) Father, please bless all who Human life defend; And let Your peace and joy On them now descend. May their loving witness Always testify That Your people serve You, and Your Name glorify.

Rev. Joseph M. Esper, 2011

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Written by
Fr Joseph Esper