See, I Told You So

See, I Told You So

In my last article, Your Child, The Bigot, I warned readers about the effect legalized homosexual marriage would undoubtedly have in the public schools. Of the four scenarios I offered, one dealt with one’s daughter in an English class in which the teacher assigns a novel that features a lesbian as the heroic main character. When the daughter tells the teacher she is uncomfortable reading such material and asks for an alternative choice, the teacher refuses and says, “I suppose you won’t want to read books about blacks, either.”

Some readers might have taken my words to heart and considered removing their children from a public school. Others might have said that by the time their kids get into high school, they will be able to deal with homosexual issues with little, or no, threat to their Catholic beliefs. I hope they are right, although I would not bet the farm on it.

But what if the indoctrination of the joys of homosexuality starts earlier? What if your kindergartner is exposed to that lifestyle? When little Johnny comes home, and you ask him what he did in school today, which of the following replies sounds more plausible?

(1) Well, today Mrs. Miller read us a story called ‘Bobby and His Two Daddies Go to the Zoo.’ It was a blatant attempt by Mrs. Miller to indoctrinate us in the homo lifestyle, but I wasn’t buying any of it. I just kept laughing out loud until Mrs. Miller sent me to the office.

Or . . .

(2) Well, today Mrs. Miller read us a story called ‘Bobby and His Two Daddies Go to the Zoo.’ It was so cool. Bobby’s daddies are Frank and Marvin, and they are really, really nice. They both hold Bobby’s hands, and they swing him off the ground. They eat ice cream and laugh a lot. Can we get that book?

Unless your kindergartner is a prodigy when it comes to Catholic doctrine, you probably know which response is more likely.

You see, the ultimate goal of the homosexual community is, in fact, to indoctrinate your children as early as possible. Doubt me? Consider this from homosexual activist and author S. Bear Bergman, writing in The Huffington Post:

I am here to tell you: All that time I said I wasn’t indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay and lesbian and bi and trans and queer people? That was a lie . . . That is absolutely my goal. I want to make your children like people like me and my family, even if that goes against the way you have interpreted the teachings of your religion.

Now how does Mr. Bergman plan to accomplish this goal? Children’s books:

At the moment, I am helping to put the finishing touches on a series of children’s books that all feature lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer kids or families. There are six books . . .filled with girls and women doing cool things, page upon page of kids enacting their own identities in joyous and peaceful ways. . .They have lesbian mums and gay dads and big extended queer chosen families . . .

How do we talk to children effectively? Through story. And so, I set about trying to make a set of children’s stories that would teach kids what I want my son and all of his schoolmates to know–that people like the people in our family . . . are absolutely great.

No nuances here. Bergman is as straight forward as one can be. And if you still don’t believe that indoctrination exists when it comes to homosexuality, let me ask the reader a question: In the last ten years, have you ever seen homosexuals or lesbians in a television show or movie portrayed as bad people? Are they ever the criminal or the raving bigot? Or are they always good, decent, loving people just trying to make the world a better place but suffering because of some hate-filled Neanderthal who is probably a Christian? If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know the answer.

Speaking of Christians, I’m sure you noticed Bergman’s animus toward any religion that condemns the homosexual lifestyle. That’s what he is trying to “save” your children from. Still not convinced? Try this:

I want kids to know this [the goodness of homosexuals] even if their parents’ or community’s interpretation of their religious tenets is that we’re awful. I would be happy–delighted, over-joyed . . . to cause those children to disagree with their families on the subject of LGBTQ people.

Catholic parents, Mr. Bergman’s books are coming to your public school. And your innocent little lambs are going to be slaughtered on the altar of tolerance and diversity.

Mr. Bergman’s ends his blog with this example of tolerance: “If that makes me an indoctrinator, I accept it. Let me be honest–I am not even a little bit sorry.”

See, I told you so.

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Thomas Addis
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  • Exactly. Time to homeschool. And if you think your child won’t get subtle messages from the “enlightened” teachers at his nominally catholic school, think again. When I was in Catholic school just about every teacher only had one or two children. Hmmm, I wonder how they all managed that? If you were in a large family, your parents were being irresponsible. Now Catholics are supporting homosexuality and same-sex pretend marriage at an alarming rate. They’ll be sure to throw in the odd comment about Pharisees and lack of mercy and the need for acceptance.