The Sad Legacy of the Supreme Court is Not Over

The Sad Legacy of the Supreme Court is Not Over

I am not happy about the Supreme Court decision. I am not a proponent of gay marriage under any circumstances but for the past few years, there appeared to be no letup regarding the “closet dwellers” versus the rest of the population. For the amount of media coverage devoted to their “cause” it would appear that the number of LGBT persons in the United States was massive. No, that is not the case. The best estimate is somewhere around 9 million people out of a population of roughly 309 million as of April 2010 or about 3.8%. The number of LGBT persons in the U.S. is somewhat subjective. Most studies are estimates at best. Part of the problem is what does one mean when the word “gay” is used? If you define gay as having same-sex attractions or behaviors, you will get a higher proportion or head count than if you ask the question as to how many people identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual in a survey.

Now, the states that had formerly prohibited same sex marriages are now faced with addressing such issues as tax benefits, filing joint returns, military benefits, federal employment benefits, HIPPA regulations, bankruptcies, survivor benefits and the legal issue of refusal to testify against a spouse. The list gets longer with regard to social security and veterans benefits, and, of course, the family and medical leave act of 1993. I am still afraid that many cases of outright discrimination will occur as the concept of two men or two women “marrying” is repulsive to a great segment of our population. I expect a case very soon against the clergy when two gays show up at a church or rectory and want to be married. A significant amount of legal battles still loom on the horizon and I am afraid that Jim Obergefell’s case will be with us for years.

What really disturbs me now and for the past 42 years is a prior Supreme Court decision that has had a staggering effect on the citizens of the United States – Roe v. Wade. The United States marked the 42nd anniversary of this tragic case on January 22nd. Again the number of abortions performed during that forty two year period is again an estimate but the number will shock you – approximately 57,762,169 lives of unborn children destroyed. The only good news out of these statistics is that fewer abortions are now performed each year than in prior years. The year 1990 set a record with 1.6 million abortions versus the year 2011 when 1.1 million abortions were performed. One can hardly be excited about the drop of 500,000 abortions when even one abortion is too much.

What scares me more is the fact that these decisions open up a whole list of critical issues such as euthanasia or what is called the right to die. Couple this with decisions that could be made regarding the administration of health care to senior citizens or the denial of that health care and many elderly persons are no better than the fetus that is aborted daily. God help us.

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Donald Wittmer
  • Tell me why Catholics keep voting for people who push tyranny, abortion and homosexual ‘marriage,’….and then complain about the inevitable results.

  • Gays and Lesbians are only 3.8% of the total population of the USA….
    However, The New York Media and LA Media give them 99% of the press coverage…

    The Liberal Pope we have was asked the following question 6 mos. ago by the press.
    The question was “what is your opinion of gay marriage.” The pope was quoted as saying who am I to judge.

    My reply to the pope would be you have the keys of the kingdom whatever you bound on earth will be bound in heaven. What kind of a dumb blank answer is that unless you are in favor of it.

    This pope needs to step down, He does not follow the true values of our faith. I can see a split in the Catholic church in the near future.