Our Media is Stuck in Talk
Trump and Clinton (Courtesy: Wikimedia)

Our Media is Stuck in Talk

If you have ever watched some TV programs, they tend to repeat themselves. “Jerry Springer” for example, seems to feature the same demented people who have lost direction in their life and who search for love in their life in all the wrong places. But what seems to have taken place with our news media is a stagnant, repetitious, lack of direction phase that starts out with no real purpose and ends with no real conclusion to anything.

The media just talks and talks and talks.

The recent election coverage was a disaster. The media did its best to de-elect Donald Trump. I personally think that Trump’s progress was downplayed and Hillary’s progress over exaggerated and seriously inflated. The election caught the news media with its proverbial “pants down.” All the media sources appear to have been totally misled. Donald Trump was illustrated as a radical. Every time he challenged the establishment, the media pictured him as a man out of control. Tapes from prior years were published showing him hating women, groping every female within arms-reach. But what Trump was selling was change and the media wasn’t buying it.

To complicate matters even more, when the election results were barely in, reports that the Dow Jones average would tank 500+ points seem to surface.  Fear of a Trump election and the accompanying disastrous results were only hours away. Not only did the massive retrenchment not occur, but the Dow Jones average went up 256 points the following day and it has continued to go up over the past few weeks. The politicians and media have lost most of their credibility.

Now we have entered the “talk” phase and the political talk shows are playing “what if.” The media now questions the proposed cabinet, fiscal reform, the military, foreign policy which under President Obama did not exist, the tax reform bills that have never been presented yet, and the National Debt that, by the way, had gone up $8 trillion dollars while President Obama was in office is now set to explode and destroy our economy. Whatever President-elect Trump has or will propose is dissected daily by the news media and the “panels” of news analysts all seem to agree that we are entering a precarious, if not, fearful time in the history of the United States.

If these folks were paid by the word, all of them would be billionaires. Many times, the questions or issues being discussed are so complicated and complex that just about any answer would suffice as no one seems able to reconstruct the question. To maintain a 24/7 news industry, news analysts have to be fed news on a constant basis like cattle in the holding stock pens before processing.

We have now passed the voting in the Electoral College phase in the election process and many states have now stopped recounting the recount of ballots so the media has finally accepted President-elect Trump as the next President of the United States. So now they can concentrate on where Donald Trump will reside and what the current status of his wife and daughter are and how much of his personal assets should he dissolve or distribute so he can face all the difficult issues on his agenda as President in a fair and objective manner. I am not sure if Donald Trump has a dog or a cat but that could be the subject of an up-and-coming debate on Meet the Press.

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Written by
Donald Wittmer