A Sanctuary and a Battlefield

A Sanctuary and a Battlefield

I realize to some my title might sound outrageous but a woman’s womb has always enjoyed a special place in my heart. My early moment on earth took place inside my mother’s womb. Later, my wife presented me with our three children that emerged from her womb and in turn the wombs of my daughter-in-law and daughter presented us with four beautiful grandchildren. In the cycle of life, a woman’s womb is not only the most important first home for all of us but also a very powerful organ that millions of women have totally lost sight of.

That being said, is it a surprise to anyone that the womb has become one of the most heated and violent battlegrounds in history? More lives have been lost during this universal war than all the battles in recorded history.

Some of the blame can be laid at the feet of the feminists who have turned men into spineless weaklings, devoid of character and self-discipline. There is no greater truism than the idea that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Babies are virtual blank slates upon which the mother’s nurturing influence can implant a host of virtues, and disciplines, as well as vices and neurosis that can result in sainthood or depravity. Many women have put their careers ahead of their children who have become near wards of day care.

Many female educators characterize every energetic boy with free-flowing testosterone as suffering from Attention Deficit Syndrome. These same educators want to eliminate competition, score keeping, and imaginary war games from the playground. All this fosters the deterioration of masculine symbols and rituals, stunting their manly development. The rocking hand of feminism has created an emasculated generation of men who do not know how to be men of strength in body and character. They dolefully fear conflict, women, and social disapproval.

Modern feminists have wantonly accepted the philosophical underpinnings of Marx, Gramsci, and Betty Friedan. These kind of women can only live with docile, passive men who support and even encourage them to compete in the dangerous world of politics, law enforcement, and even investigative journalism. Phyllis Schlafly’s book, Feminine Fantasies, has several examples of men who could not stay married to women who were more determined to rule the board room than the home. These women have turned the volume up so loud on Helen Ready’s battle cry of hear us roar that real men have gone deaf or have fled the marriage bed in droves. A nation of strong, virile women and weak men cannot last long against the dedicated enemies of freedom, Christianity, and private property.

Gender confusion has become a problem of epic proportions, especially for men. There are men, who not only empty on the inside but also suffer from an external disorder that has undermined their relationships with women. In the March 2004 issue of Chronicles Magazine, Thomas Fleming attributes much of this problem to homosexualism and the Renaissance’s revival of the homoeroticism of ancient Greek culture as a weapon against the Catholic Church.

While the Enlightenment catered toward fornicators and adulterers, Voltaire felt that experiments with sodomy would accelerate the complete breakdown of the traditional barriers between normal behaviors and perverted pleasures in 18th century France.

The French aristocrat, Marquis de Sade, proudly became the personification of experiments in perversion. He took the Enlightenment to its logical conclusion. Since God did not exist, religion and morality were mere inventions to suppress mankind. Without God, de Sade was free to do anything to God’s creatures his will dictated. Torture, rape, sodomy, and sexual orgies were part of his being human. Sensual pleasure became the measure for the rest of his life. He was a sexual addict whose slavery to sin and perversion was paralleled by the fact that he spent most of his adult life in jail.

Many heterosexual males have eagerly enlisted in the Sadean Revolution. While still preferring women, these men have blurred the natural differences between male and female by adopting the physical characteristics and couture of the homosexual lifestyle. The hit TV show Gay Eye for the Straight Man is illustrative of this trend.

In the same issue of Chronicles Magazine, Thomas Fleming laments I cannot be the only older man in America who finds most young men unbearably epicene, that is partaking in the characteristics of both sexes. Fleming is disgusted that the leading men of the current film studios project a masculinity that is highly tempered, if not blurred by similar effeminate characteristics. He wonders out loud about the missing swagger of a John Wayne, the body hair of a Sean Connery or the baritone machismo of a Gregory Peck. With a rapier wit, Fleming contends that among marquee idols, such as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, George Clooney, or Ben Affleck none is virile enough to qualify for the position of eunuch in a seraglio.

George Will has argued that the Democrats have a problem with feminization. The jellyfish images of Ed Muskie crying in the snow many years ago or Michael Dukakis slithering into a tank have painted them in the corner of wimpy liberalism. Lets face it, despite his constant half jog to the presidential podium these last lost eight years, Barack Obama was not exactly the epitome of male importance. His leadership from behind was proof positive of this. Because of their support for big government dependency, the Democratic Party has been labeled the Mommy Party.

Fleming has recognized a new social trend, called the metrosexual. A metrosexual is a man who likes women but spends much time fluffing his hair, perfuming his body, and selecting the perfect outfit. Metrosexual is the code word used to destigmatize and celebrate the effeminate. They are displacing the old fashioned men with body hair and ruddy good looks. Ann Coulter calls them girlie boys, who have invaded the culture like a pack of deviant body snatchers. Metrosexuals are the missing link that inexorably bonds homosexuals to mainstream culture.

The feminization of the straight man in movies and politics is a far more dangerous phenomenon than the great influx of homosexuality into American culture. Real men with chests of character and faith are the last impediment to the decline and fall of Western civilization. However, it is this dangerous group of hairless, chestless men who may send the last remnants of real men to tribal reservations.

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William Borst
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