The Blue Guards are Coming
President Trump in Poland

The Blue Guards are Coming

If I had gotten up out of bed when I was a youngster and said to my mom and dad that I thought I was the Queen of Sheba, they would have laughed. But had I persisted with that they would have sought immediate mental and medical help for me. What passes for normal or acceptable behavior among our children today with its excuses and coddling is a testament to the breakdown in the proper rearing of kids.

The scenario of why these so-called transgendered children are pouring out of our woodwork reminds me of a story from Time Magazine years ago when Sex Education was making its ugly presence known in the public and even some Catholic schools. A little boy, we will call him Tommy, was in a pensive mood as he sat in the backseat as his mom drove him home from school where he was in the first grade. His mom asked what was wrong and he answered: Mom…I think I am a lesbian.

Yes the power of suggestion, especially when our kids are in the sinister hands of an ideologue who is hellbent in erasing all signs of reality from their little minds of mush. It is an abject evil that works quietly and quickly behind the closed doors of our school systems, which often see the parents as the enemy who must be kept out of the rearing of the country’s children before they can inculcate in their children the blatant suppression of religion and reason.

Writing in the December 2016 issue of First Things, Katherine Kersten detailed the story of a Catholic school, Nova Classical Academy in Minnesota. Her piece is illustrative of this alarming trend. Nova was a very accomplished school whose parents all got along while their children’s education was going smoothly. This all changed for the worse when a confused little boy joined their student body. His parents claimed his identity was not as God had intended and that he should be treated like a girl while he was in the school.

When many teachers and school board members objected their lawyers and representatives from the LGBT moved their Blue Guards into perverse action. They mobbed the school’s public meetings and shouted down those who objected to this significant change in policy.

These Blue Guards are the lineal descendants of the notorious Red Guards of Mao Zedong who tore the country’s urban and rural areas apart during China’s Cultural Revolution, putting China into bloody turmoil. Their ruthless strategies included bullying, political disruption, and murder. Millions perished and violence was of titanic proportion.

I call them Blue Guards because the philosophy that has empowered them in this country is much more at home in the Democratic Party’s so-called blue states then in the Republican Party’s red states. I do not know who established this nomenclature but they certainly misrepresented both parties. This is another example of distorting the truth and reality of things by being politically correct.

Kersten also explored the rationale behind the Transgendered Movement. She called it a cultural tsunami so powerful that it threatened the future of Catholic and public school education in this country. Transgendered philosophy advances under the banner of progress and the 18th century Enlightenment. Its fundamental claim that owes a smaller debt to the Nominalism of Franciscan, William of Occam, believes that a boy or girl is free to change his or her sexual identity as we would change our socks. The chief psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore points out that this idea is starkly, nakedly false! Gender is not assigned at birth. It is genetically determined while the baby is still in gestation.

Individuals who suffer from this sexual identity confusion have gender dysphoria, which is a mental illness and requires medical treatment. The way these ideologues treat our children, who knows how much real harm they do by encouraging their mental illnesses.

Anorexia is in the same class as is this dysphoria. An anorexic believes she is fat when the truth of her body is that she has nearly starved herself to death. In the highly celebrated case of pop singer Karen Carpenter, she did in fact die from her anorexia. Both transgendered and anorexics are woefully mistaken about the reality of their bodies.

There are other forces detrimental to the culture at work as well. Western Civilization has taught for 1600 years that God created man and woman in His likeness and image and that was both male and female. Their bodies were similar but obviously different and complementary.

Post-Christian man believes his body is a tabula rasa—-a canvas on which he is free to establish his identity and exert his will. The fascination of tattoos for both men and women on virtual every nook and bodily cranny might reflect a less extreme example of this social and philosophical trend.

The desire to be free of the human body and all of its restrictions was first experienced in the third century with the appearance of the Gnostics, a forbear of the Enlightenment. Gnosticism is a quasi religion that rejected physical reality as an abject evil. Its members sought an intellectual plain in higher knowledge, which was often seen in Enlightened thinkers.

Animated by this knowledge, the Gnostics created an alternate reality that was based on fantasies and lies. Its most successful descendant, world communism, believed that after the state passed away there would be nothing but peace and happiness on earth forever.

Many American liberals display this fanciful kind of imaginary thinking that distorts reality to the extent that they are unable to discern between what is good and just and what is evil and false. It is a psychological illness that may help explain their use of mentally ill children to promote and advance their twisted ideology.

Furthermore, they consider themselves a chosen elect, an elite that knows what’s best for the rest of humanity, whether they agree or not. This is not democracy! It is inherently authoritarian. Those who will not comply with their thinking have to be silenced or destroyed. To do this, President Barack Obama enlisted and coerced virtually every organ of the Federal Government to sear his Gnostic-Enlightened ideals into the fabric of American law and its moral culture.

Their attitudes may be with us for generations to come. The past election was a positive sign that not everyone in this country was willing to submit to this distortion of American life. It is up to God to help us now. President Trump’s statesmanlike speech in Poland in July was a big step in the right direction.

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Written by
William Borst