The NFL Theatre of the Absurd

The NFL Theatre of the Absurd

Perhaps this is just old news but the NFL controversy, while having disappeared as a headline news item, still is going on. I used to like professional football until I started playing in a Fantasy Football League many years ago. The latter really ruins the intense joys of the game because there can be no true team loyalties—-only a vested interest in the players on your team.

That is why I view as brouhaha that which first erupted with former 49er backup quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, whose athletic skills seemed in eclipse. For reasons only truly known to him, he proceeded to storm the patriotic parapets of the tradition-bound league by refusing to stand in a respectful manner for the nation’s national anthem, which has enjoyed a longstanding place in American sports.

Immediately the denizens of the left, who make a living off denying freedom of speech to most white, male or religious people in this country through the sword of of Political Correctness, screamed that the quarterback has somehow been denied his freedom of speech.

I seriously doubt there are more than a handful of people who would try to deny Kaepernick that right, however, and especially not while he is supposed to be preparing for a contest, for which many thousands have paid dearly to enjoy. In other words he is on the job and his employer has every right to curtail his speech freedom if it impacts negatively on his product and the livelihood of thousands of others.

His selfish act and that of his fellow NFL players, who have unwittingly joined in something bigger than their understanding, is entirely out of place. And that is exactly what has happened. The League’s revenues and attendance are down and most people are tired of all the distractions that have politicized the game so many used to love.

His mysterious protest has brought a loud and audible voice to the twin shibboleths of racial inequality and the shooting of black adults by policemen. However, his actions and those of dozens of sympathetic, white and black players have largely fallen on deaf ears. The silent cheer none of of the players seem to hear is Let the games begin!

And quite frankly both issue are bogus. If the players want to change the inequality of the races, let them protest the teachers unions, who have become the greatest obstacle to black progress in this country. Since they unionized in the sixties, American education, especially among minorities has tumbled into a cesspool of ignorance and despair.

As for the shooting of blacks by policemen, I will venture a guess that this is traceable to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri a few years ago. The Black Lives Matter organization grew out of the canard that Brown had his hands up when he was shot. Eyewitness testimony contradicted this blatant and self-serving falsehood of Brown’s accomplice, in assaulting and robbing an Asian shopkeeper an half hour before his death.

The truth of the matter is the 18-year old giant of a man tried to murder the policeman who stopped him for fitting the description of the bully who tossed the Asian around like a rag doll. Brown tried to wrest control of the officer weapon and justly paid for it with his life. Of course few newspapers carried the truth, since fake news had long been a part of the media’s control of unpopular events.

The all-but forgotten manifesto of LA Charger lineman, Russell Okung, addressed to all 1700 league players, is riven with absurdity. The players are unwittingly destroying the very hand that has fed them from a multi-billion dollars troff. Just what would these players be doing in the Obama-derived economy if they could not play football?

They have no idea that because of the violent nature of their livelihood, their very futures are at stake here. Yet they persist in summoning the temerity to throw kerosene on the fires that are roasting their golden goose. The Hate Everything American Gang is at work here as well. The players have shed their identities as quarterbacks, tackles wide receivers and safeties for the collective dunce cap for what Nicolai Lenin once termed useful idiots. George Soros, check your messages!

The Hate Football crowd, part of the All Men are Evil feminist lobby, is using the scientific data on concussions to undermine the game as well. Changes will be forthcoming that will limit their abilities to compete with the intensity that draws millions to the stadia and to the couches across the land. Football has been a uniting force in America until today. The players are actors on the absurd stage of their own demise.

And who wins by this phony controversy? Why President Trump of course. He has been one of the few public figures to side with the crowds, the masses of football fans who believe that protests are for social media and on your own time…not in front of a captive audience who have paid top dollar to watch a group of witless athletes profane the flag and collectively spit in the face of patriotism.

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Written by
William Borst