October 10, 2020
Has the Definition of a Lie Changed?

Has the Definition of a Lie Changed?

In my day, the definition of a lie was not telling the truth. Today, apparently, not telling the truth has changed. You can deny the truth for weeks, months, even years and, if you are given no options, then tell the truth but then what you said in the meantime was just a “misunderstanding.”

Our wonderful government seems to thrive on “false news.” Our President, whose picture should be on the front cover of the National Enquirer, seems to “misunderstand” the questions that are addressed to him. I doubt if I would want to be the White House press secretary as he or she seems to be surprised daily by announcements that contradict what was said the prior week. Mr. Guiliani recently “clarified” remarks he made two days earlier as to when Mr. Trump became aware of a 2016 payoff to his lawyer Michael Cohen to buy the silence of a former adult-film actress who alleged she had sex with Mr. Trump. Apparently the new “truth” is when the President became “aware” of events he had previously denied such as his sexual encounters with Ms. Clifford or Playboy model, Karen McDougal.

It almost seems that everyone that comes in contact with Mr. Trump is constantly “affirming” or “denying” their relationship with Mr. Trump. We are supposedly asked as a public to overlook statements by our President because he has gotten the “economy going.” So for this, we should accept all kinds of statements and proclamations regardless of whether they are true or not? Mr. Trump, as the Wall Street Journal recently suggested, has returned to “free-wheeling” and now bypasses his staff.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of all the accusations, denials, innuendos, clarifications, restatements, misunderstandings and outright lies that cover our papers and the Internet today. We are still investigating the role of the Russian government in the 2016 election and the role of special counsel Robert Mueller appears to be destined to go on longer than Mr. Trump’s presidency. Investigations continue regarding the actions of Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. The Wall Street Journal could easily be 50% smaller if Mr. Trump were not President.

Apparently the days are gone when issues are “black or white.” Just when we think that an issue has been finally closed, new revelations come forward, and the matter hits the front page all over again. I keep waiting for Hillary Clinton to retire and go away. She has been shadowed by charges of corruption, criminality, and conspiracy. I thought that the presidency of Bill Clinton had taken the office to a new low but Donald Trump will not be outdone. Will there ever be a time when we can address the issues of our government and our unsustainable debt? I doubt it not as long as we are constantly being distracted by the lives and issues of people that we have elected to run our government and the lies they tell.

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Written by
Donald Wittmer