Has the Definition of a Lie Changed?

Has the Definition of a Lie Changed?

In my day, the definition of a lie was not telling the truth. Today, apparently, not telling the truth has changed. You can deny the truth for weeks, months, even years and, if you are given no options, then tell the truth but then what you said in the meantime was just a “misunderstanding.”

Our wonderful government seems to thrive on “false news.” Our President, whose picture should be on the front cover of the National Enquirer, seems to “misunderstand” the questions that are addressed to him. I doubt if I would want to be the White House press secretary as he or she seems to be surprised daily by announcements that contradict what was said the prior week. Mr. Guiliani recently “clarified” remarks he made two days earlier as to when Mr. Trump became aware of a 2016 payoff to his lawyer Michael Cohen to buy the silence of a former adult-film actress who alleged she had sex with Mr. Trump. Apparently the new “truth” is when the President became “aware” of events he had previously denied such as his sexual encounters with Ms. Clifford or Playboy model, Karen McDougal.

It almost seems that everyone that comes in contact with Mr. Trump is constantly “affirming” or “denying” their relationship with Mr. Trump. We are supposedly asked as a public to overlook statements by our President because he has gotten the “economy going.” So for this, we should accept all kinds of statements and proclamations regardless of whether they are true or not? Mr. Trump, as the Wall Street Journal recently suggested, has returned to “free-wheeling” and now bypasses his staff.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of all the accusations, denials, innuendos, clarifications, restatements, misunderstandings and outright lies that cover our papers and the Internet today. We are still investigating the role of the Russian government in the 2016 election and the role of special counsel Robert Mueller appears to be destined to go on longer than Mr. Trump’s presidency. Investigations continue regarding the actions of Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. The Wall Street Journal could easily be 50% smaller if Mr. Trump were not President.

Apparently the days are gone when issues are “black or white.” Just when we think that an issue has been finally closed, new revelations come forward, and the matter hits the front page all over again. I keep waiting for Hillary Clinton to retire and go away. She has been shadowed by charges of corruption, criminality, and conspiracy. I thought that the presidency of Bill Clinton had taken the office to a new low but Donald Trump will not be outdone. Will there ever be a time when we can address the issues of our government and our unsustainable debt? I doubt it not as long as we are constantly being distracted by the lives and issues of people that we have elected to run our government and the lies they tell.

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Written by
Donald Wittmer
  • Mr. Wittmer:

    Don’t be too quick to judge, as you haven’t seen the whole picture. Consider this:

    “Every American billionaire knows perfectly well that as soon as he gets on Forbes’s list, a target is drawn on his forehead. This billionaire must hire a lot of lawyers to continually fight off numerous women, a vast majority of whom he does not even know.

    “If the threat to the billionaire comes from a lady with whom there was no sex, the amount to be paid is about 100,000 dollars. It’s like a tax on air. If you want to live, you pay. After all, in America, it’s easier to pay $100,000 than to spend many millions on a lawsuit. It will be costly and last for years, and it can severely damage your reputation even if you are innocent.

    “If the threat comes from a lady with whom you had sex, the amount of the payment depends on whether she has witnesses or not. This comes at a higher cost – the second level of extortion. Typically, in such cases, you pay about ten times more than in the previous example – a million dollars or more.

    “Finally, on the third level, if the threat comes from a lady with whom a child was born, the amount is increased ten times more. It’s about tens of millions of dollars. It is on these sums that the predatory female industry on American billionaires is based.

    “Let’s get back to Trump. A lot of women tried to squeeze money out of him, and some succeeded. But it was only after Trump’s victory that the Deep State began to create the background to make Trump look unattractive…

    “…Trump’s political opponents failed to find women who belonged to the second or third category described above. They had to work with the material they had – extortion of money by a porn star. The amount she received positions her to the lowest category of extortionists – she got only 130,000 dollars. This lady is well aware of the prices paid for cases at her level (that is, for no sex) and gladly accepted the standard offer.

    “Now the fate of the U.S. Democratic Party is in the hands of a porn actress.”

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  • I don’t claim that Trump is a saint yet, but he is standing up for the protection of human life (name the last president that attended the March for Life), conscience rights (name the last president who created a special division for conscience rights within HHS) and common sense such as protecting our border. As far as I can tell, he is the best president we have had in decades.

  • President Trump is not perfect, but tell me who is? The sad thing is that the people who are against Trump make untrue statements about him and when he proves them otherwise it is not reported. So he is blamed for “lying” even when he is the victim of others’ statements. Trump is not a saint, and he was not my first choice but I thank God for him everyday.

  • I think you’re wrong on at least one count. Bill Clinton still gets the lowest of the low and then you can add abortion to his AND Hillary’s list. (And possibly murder.) Seems like killing babies is way lower than a lie….IF, indeed Trump has told a lie – haven’t we all?

  • Lies or misunderstandings? Sins and sinners. New low? I’m tired of sinners and baby murderers lecturing me and the whole world on sins and lies. Trump is no different than any of us sinners but because he is not a swamp rat and is actually fix this broken country and world everyone is throwing stones from their damn cheap glass houses. The state of American and international elites is sickening and juvenile. Let Trump do his job and let God Judge his and our sins.