COVID-19: God’s Invitation

COVID-19: God’s Invitation

As we all watch our normal world massively slow down it dawned on me. This is happening during Lent. Coincidence? I think not.

God is calling us all to slow down and reflect. The cancellations of meetings, sporting events, public gatherings, including Holy Mass and the requirement for more employees to telecommute and work from home, freeing up commute time is giving all of us a gift of time; Time we will not be spending on many other activities.

I suggest, and I believe God is calling all of us to slow down our lives, especially now, during Lent. God is calling us to spend more time in prayer and reflection. Let’s take advantage of this invitation to re-connect or strengthen our relationship with God. God always has a plan, though we may not immediately see it. This seems a little obvious. 

As I prayed evening prayer last night from the Liturgy of the Hours, Psalm 116 seem to speak directly to our current coronavirus event.

“I love the Lord for he has heard the cry of my appeal; for he turned his ear to me in the day when I called him.

They surrounded me, the snares of death, with the anguish of the tomb; they caught me, sorrow and distress.

I called on the Lord’s name.

How gracious is the Lord, and just; Our God has compassion.

Turn back, my soul, to your rest for the Lord has been good; How gracious is the Lord, and just; he has kept my soul from death.”

Let’s place our trust in the Lord and not get caught up in sorrow and distress. 

May the Lord grant you His peace,

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Written by
David Seitz