The Almighty Artist

The Almighty Artist

God’s first illustration was the heavens and the earth. God even knew then how much the light is worth. When he separated light from dark, He was just beginning to perfect His art.

Do we appreciate how He blended the colors? How he formed the land separate from the waters? He painted with His brush the sun and the skies of blue. He sketched out the night with the beautiful stars and the moon.

What He had already created was a masterpiece, but He wanted to share His glory with man and beasts. Each precious creature was made with purpose, to enhance His canvas with divine service.

We were all made in His image and likeness, all brought here to envision His depiction as brightness. This Sculptor has always been molding me, I continue to be formed by His artistry.

But as the Composer that He is, we are free of choice. To ignore His work or appreciate and rejoice. Can’t look up at the clouds or hear the sounds of the blue sea, our busy lives sometimes distracts us from the beauty.

I’m too busy at work, stuck inside my room, can’t listen to the cardinal whose singing his tune. Too saddened by all the mistakes I made, to enjoy the trees that sway during the day.

Are mistakes all a part of the Artist’s plan, or is the devil shading in evil demands? When Satan makes these attempts to worsen, God drew me to escape the burden.

We have the tools to grow and flourish, like God sends rain to quench the forest. Every time I see a butterfly flutter by, I think God is reminding me it will be alright.

Listen to the music that nature provides, whether it’s the breeze through the grass or crash of the tides. Admire the painting of a peaceful sunrise, or how perfectly the mountain connects the skies.

God has orchestrated an imperfect paradise, teaching us to enter in darkness but find the light. God is love, God is creation. May we all take care of his artistic foundation.

Can we ever comprehend the design of this Architect, who saves His best piece until our very end? Although we are sinners, He is more than forgiving to let us enter heaven, a whole new beginning.

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Written by
Jack Murray