Of Australia’s Shrinking Freedom and Growing Authoritarianism

Of Australia’s Shrinking Freedom and Growing Authoritarianism

The malicious Demon of lie, the Spirit of lust has seduced all the nations of the World, the Commonwealth of Australia is no exception. This veil of spiritual death is being spread out over the world and more and more people are drawn into his web of deceit. Marxist atheism and Masonry, at the orders of the powerful Dragon, are leading this beautiful country to the denial of and rebellion against God. 

Widespread travel and vaccination disarray threatens to make the lyrics of the Australian National Anthem “Australians all let us rejoice, For we are one and free”  meaningless. It is hard simply to enjoy life when being back in highly policed lockdowns for weeks or months into the pandemic, and when physical, religious and even medical freedom seem more apparent than real. 

Particularly Christians, often considered as second-class citizens, feel offended, ridiculed and belittled by large segments of today’s society with impunity almost everyday, becoming easy targets as they usually don’t go to extremes to defend insults to their faith. While those mocking them overreact at the slightest hint or perceived insult. Five years ago, Katheen Clubb, the Mum of 13 from Melbourne, became the first person charged under draconian Victorian law to stop the decade-long protests outside abortion clinics. Sadly, the followers of Christ, on month to month basis, are increasingly frustrated at seeing a dark cloud of sin that is  covering the Land Down Under.

Protesting outside abortion clinics is outlawed in any Australian jurisdiction. It is illegal “to intimidate, harass or film people” within 150 meters of an abortion clinic or hospital that provides terminations. Jessica Williams, WA abortion activist, proudly said “I am thrilled to play a part in ending the harassment of girls and women seeking abortion services” after laws to introduce safe access zones in Western Australia passed State Parliament in August 2021. Is it not, therefore, the height of hypocrisy for Australia to slam Hong Kong’s government for crushing the city’s pro-democracy movement, and just not being able to put his own house in order when the freedom of speech, the Cornerstone of Western Civilization, is curtailed.

In February 2021, the state of Victoria approved the draft law that may escalate the conflict between religious freedom and individual choice. And it might as well become a dangerous model for laws in the democratic world. The really important part of the bill from a religious perspective is its list of “change or suppression practices” which include “carrying out a religious practice, including but not limited to, a prayer-based practice, a deliverance practice or an exorcism” to help someone overcome unwanted sexual attractions. Father Peter Joseph, the chaplain for Courage in Sydney, said “We must congratulate the Victorian government for reaching new heights and depths of totalitarian control over citizens’ behavior.” 

One  might  wander what they’re going to call this labor department of justice in Victoria. “The Ministry of Love”, as George Orwell hinted at in 1984? Which sounds pretty good, except for the fact that it in reality means the annihilation of choice and the homogenization of conscience: not more freedom, but less. I am looking forward to starting a 54-day Rosary novena for Aussie LGBTI people to turn away from offending God.

Voluntary assisted dying is lawful in Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia in limited circumstances, and in Tasmania on a date to be confirmed. The Australian Catholic Bishops clearly pointed out that “Legalized euthanasia endangers the lives of people who are seriously ill, elderly, have a disability, have low self-esteem or are otherwise vulnerable. Vulnerable people must continue to have our care and the protection of our laws. […] The autonomy of people who are sick, frail, have a disability or who are dying is commonly already compromised by their condition. In the name of autonomy, euthanasia actually reduces the freedom of such persons.” The country has found its cozy place in the bottomless moral pit among the other infamous cousins of sister death –  the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. 

“None of us lives for oneself, and no one dies for oneself. For if we live, we live for the Lord, and if we die, we die for the Lord; so then, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s.” (Romans 14. 7-9)  

Navigating abortion law in Australia is not an easy task. This deadly procedure  has been legal in all Australian states and territories since March 2021, though there are varying restrictions on time frames and approval processes. There are two types of pregnancy terminations: surgical abortions and medical abortions. The first one is called a suction curette and usually takes about 15 minutes to do. It works by using a small plastic tube to empty the contents of the uterus. The second one involves taking two pills,  mifepristone (known as – RU486) or  misoprostol. In most states, this can be done in a woman’s own home. In 2019, in Australia around 80.000 children were killed due to ‘termination of pregnancy’, which means that, on average, every four minutes, one human being was brutally robbed of the fundamental right to live.

It would be as incongruous as thinking that the slogan” My body my choice”. Pro-abortionists falsely consider the unborn child to be a part of the woman’s body, which actually is not. On March 11, 1987, Our Lord revealed to a Polish mystic and stigmatic, Alicja Lenczewska(†2012) the true nature of the individual person ”Only the humble are able to see their weakness, and understand that they are really nothing. Yours is only sin and weakness, everything else is my gift.” (Testimony, 420)

Millions of Australian women abandoned their natural role of being a loving mother, a loyal and supportive wife to pursue their own dreams, illusions, business or political careers and even romances which in turn required such means as the birth control pill and abortion. Sooner or latter, for their carefree moral stance they will have to account for. Who on earth do they imagine to meet at the last judgment: Aussie Blinky Bill or American Donald Duck?  

Meaningfully, another Polish mystic, St. Faustina Kowalska(†1938) wrote in her famous diary about Jesus suffering because of  horrendous evil – abortion. “At times, the pains caused me to lose consciousness. Jesus had me realize that in this way I took part in His Agony in the Garden, and that He Himself allowed these sufferings in order to offer reparation to God for the souls murdered in the wombs of wicked mothers. I have gone through these sufferings three times now.” (Diary, 1276) Regrettably, the Commonwealth of Australia has joined a race downhill in the direction of total spiritual self-destruction, of which I have alluded before, amongst others in The Mills of God grind slowly.

In Washington, D.C, on February 5, 1994, awarded by the Nobel Peace Prize, Saint Mother Teresa(†1997) dared to speak out against abortion “Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.” Generations of Australians have been raised to cherish freedom, democracy and the world peace. Many of them, seeking to escape from oppression and death, settled in the Antipodes. Meanwhile, in the foreseeable future their hermeneutic house of cards could be blown away if a gloomy scenario presented by one of the nation’s top military commanders, Major General Adam Findlay was to play out “Australia must prepare for the high likelihood tensions with China may spill over into actual conflict.” Therefore,  women in Australia and in other countries should think twice before terminating pregnancy. 

For a long time, in Australian society there can be observed a growing mentality of relativism, which deems that everything is equally valid, where there is no reference to real Deity or absolute values. But this way of thinking does not lead to true freedom, on the contrary, it triggers chaos, instability and suffering. The failure to see God as an objective reality results in assigning the ultimate and highest price to fake values, which is often reflected in sate and federal legislation. At this point, one would like to cry out “We must obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5.29)

Cardinal George Pell, in his speech given to the National Press Club voiced his objection to the Dictatorship of Relativism “Could this really happen in Australia? It might seem hard to believe we would ever reject the most fundamental moral values; but it was hard only 50 years ago to believe we would abort 100,000 babies a year, contemplate men marrying men, killing the sick, experimenting on human embryos […] Those who defend secularism and relativism continue to offer this rationale, but secularism and relativism can be dictatorial, intolerant of principled opposition.”   

It appears that the words uttered by Our Lady during the fourth Fatima’s apparition of 1917, give  pro-life activists and Catholics living in Australia the best answer to the question what to do in this tremendously tough situation. “Pray, pray very much, and make sacrifices for sinners; for many souls go to hell because there are none to sacrifice themselves and pray for them.” 

I have always wondered why some Australian politicians such as Daniel Andrews (ALP), Gladys Berejiklian (LP), Mark McGowan (ALP) and Annastacia Palaszczuk (ALP)  proclaim loudly their support for the culture of death and selectively treat the notion of freedom? Might it be because political support for abortion, euthanasia, transgenderism, cimatism are today the credentials needed for achieving and maintaining stately power? 

Finally, it is worth remembering that the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for the sins of fallen mankind and the hell of earth they inflict, nothing is possible without Him. Which means that it will not be Berejiklian or McGowan who have the last word.

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Written by
Paul Suski