I’ve Been Wondering…

I’ve Been Wondering…

Why did President Biden as his first action in office shut down the XL pipeline, which eliminated over ten thousand jobs, ended the energy independence that Trump achieved, and made us once again dependent on Saudi-Arabian oil? Did he not see, or did no one tell him, that his action would not only take away many Americans’ livelihoods but burden every American for years and perhaps generations?

Why are Democrats determined to have our country enact climate change measures while ignoring the fact that India and China are doing nothing similar? Do they really believe that the practices of 332 million people can restore the planet without the assistance of India and China’s 2.7 BILLION people?

Why hasn’t the government spoken about Covid antibodies? Science has repeatedly shown that surviving a disease provides much greater protection than any vaccine can provide. So why not urge those who refuse the vaccine to be tested and find out whether they have antibodies; and if they do, give them a card that is accepted in place of the vaccine card?

Why is there little or no discussion of the role of therapeutics (medicines) in overcoming Covid? Why do administration officials almost immediately denounce those that show promise and those that prove their efficacy? That happened most notably with hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, both of which have proven effective when used in appropriate doses.

Why are American citizens being forced to be vaccinated and severely punished socially and financially when they refuse, while illegal aliens are not penalized for refusing? For that matter, why are illegals excused from wearing masks and social distancing? Do they enjoy a medical immunity by virtue of not belonging here?

Why do Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins continue to hold important government positions related to Covid despite their reported roles in the Wuhan research that caused the worldwide Pandemic? Can’t the administration find equally talented but uncompromised individuals?

Why is a father arrested and thrown in jail for complaining that his daughter’s rapist was not punished? This happened in Loudon Virginia and the man was speaking to a school board about the alleged rape of his teenage daughter in a women’s rest room by a young man who wore a dress. The rapist was reportedly not arrested, but merely transferred to another school. Why did Biden’s Attorney General then direct the FBI to monitor behavior like that of the girl’s father, which was termed a form of insurrection? Why did the mainstream media ignore the story? And how could they possibly have decided it was not newsworthy?

Why do Catholic Bishops spend time debating whether to deny  Biden communion for his support of abortion while overlooking two other serious and even more public sins: his denial of citizens’ rights to refuse the Covid vaccine, and his unfairly punishing them with fines and loss of employment for following their consciences? Why aren’t the bishops debating whether those sins are serious enough to deny him communion? For that matter, why aren’t they debating whether the massive theft of services and endangerment of citizens caused by Biden’s midnight movement of illegal aliens around the country (without the states’ approval) is sufficient to deny him communion?

Why do the bishops and the Pope demand that the U.S. and other wealthy countries show compassion by “welcoming” however many illegal migrants gather at their borders without leading by example and “welcoming” illegal migrants into their own residences and inviting them to their own dinner tables? Have they discovered a new translation of the Good Samaritan parable in which he financed his act of kindness with other people’s money?

Why have the bishops not spoken out more clearly and forcefully against the policies that exacerbate the unfair, inhumane and/or unsafe conditions that continue to plague many cities? I emphasize policies rather than conditions because the bishops have demonstrated no difficulty speaking about poverty, homelessness, and crime in the abstract. Their difficulty, or reluctance, lies in acknowledging concrete reality—specifically, the counter-productivity of welfare and affirmative action programs in the inner-city.

Why have the Democrats been unresponsive to the plight of inner-city residents for decades, despite proclaiming compassion for them? And why have Republicans for decades done nothing to deal with that plight even while claiming outrage over Democrats’ hypocrisy?

Why are the mainstream news media persisting in rebellion against the traditions of their trade—separating fact from opinion, reporting the news objectively, asking probing questions to both political parties without preference or bias, pursuing stories no matter where they lead or whom they offend? By now they should be able to see clearly and in detail the harm their rebellion has done, not least of which are the unanswered questions discussed above. Why can they not find the courage to reclaim their integrity?

In the meantime, I will continue hoping for government officials, educators, prelates, and journalists to overcome their disturbing decline in common sense, even as I wonder whether someone can find a vaccine to treat that condition.

Copyright © 2021 by Vincent Ryan Ruggiero. All rights reserved

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Written by
Vincent Ryan Ruggiero