Forgive Me

Forgive Me

I come to You, to speak today

For I know it’s been far too long.

Since we last spoke, I’ve made mistakes

And now I feel destined alone.

I took a path I thought You paved me to

I confused Your will with temptation.

The price I pay for second guessing intuition

Blinded by the lies of Satan.

I can always feel You on the back of my mind

But the problem is, the devil’s in my ear.

It’s hard to let Your hands guide my way

When I feel I’m controlled by fear.

I lied, I stole, I’ve had too much pride

I’ve gone against your name.

I stand here now in humility

My heart is left in vain.

I ask You please provide your grace

For I choose to walk in faith

I know tomorrow I may fall again

Since we last spoke, too many sins I’ve made

And it’s only been just a day.

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Written by
Jack Murray