Deacon Don Grossnickle

DEACON DON GROSSNICKLE serves as Senior Deacon (34 years) for Our Lady of the Wayside, Arlington Heights and the Archdiocese of Chicago. Adopting “habitats for healing” as a second calling in 2013 in Uganda East Africa, Deacon Don is currently serving several Uganda bishops and diocese. A former biology and high school curriculum director, Deacon Don is a retired educator and founder of a 501 US based non profit: Microfinance Alliance Africa Projects Foundation. Don is married 50 years and proud father of three adult children and 5 grandchildren. He holds a doctorate in curriculum design and development and masters in biology and environmental education. [email protected].

An Unexpected Journey

Call me irrational. Despite COVID, I just purchased my tickets to Uganda East Africa as I plan to visit the eight-healthcare clinic projects I started there in 2013. It is my fourth trip — and hopefully not my last. As a...