May 11, 2022

John Cussen

JOHN CUSSEN, Ph.D. is a literature professor at Edinboro University in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.

Mother Mary Mazzarello, FMA:  Literacy and Letters

On May 13th, we celebrate the feast day of a Sister/saint/writer who at age thirty-five sat down among her juniors and asked them to teach her to read and write. Remarkably, a scant ten years later when in mid-life this nun passed away she left...

Dickens and Don Bosco: A Page from Each

Charles Dickens and St. John Bosco, the first, a London/Victorian novelist (1812-1870), the second, a Turin priest/saint/memoirist (1811-1888)—I am struck by similarities on a page from each. The chief of those similarities is one we do well...