John Tuttle

JOHN TUTTLE is a Catholic man on fire for beauty and truth. His journalism focuses on secular and faith-based coverage alike. A regular writer with the Catholic magazine, Culture Wars, his writing also appears in The Prehistoric Times and on sites such as Those Catholic Men, Hacker Noon, and Movie Babble. His short film "The Amazing World of Insects" won 1st place in the youth film category of the 2017 SkeenaWild Film Fest.

Called to Be Peacemakers

War and societal strife have plagued humanity for centuries. During our Lord’s public ministry, He specifically addressed the need for peace in matters of one or more parties feeling wronged by another. The virtue is called for in one of the...

Cultivating a Catholic Culture

Ours is a world over which technology and pop culture are constantly swaying dominance, especially in society. The concrete jungle, being built ever higher and more expansive, allows the bombardment of media and entertainment to reach us with ease...