June 24, 2022

William Schmitt

WILLIAM SCHMITT is an independent journalist/broadcaster, media consultant and author with experience in specialized publications and Catholic education. His biography and his blog--focusing on news, social polarization and faith-based values--are found at OnWord.net. He is active in the Knights of Columbus and as a lifetime-professed member of the Secular Franciscan Order.

Awaiting the Love after Lockdown

As more Catholics resume physical attendance at Mass in areas where governors and bishops have issued policies easing COVID-19 lockdown rules, pastors and parish ministers around the country will carry many concerns with them when they open their...

Social Distancing

As someone who’s avidly and anxiously watching the growth of social polarization in America, I squirmed upon hearing that one of the prescriptions for our latest national challenge—managing the COVID-19 pandemic—is a strategy called “social...