June 24, 2022

Tag: Anger

The Path of Anger

Feeling connected to God is a wonderful feeling. Praying with our whole heart can create blissful moments of beauty with God. Our hearts almost burst with gratitude for all our blessings. And then tragedy strikes. For many of us the last two years...

Preaching is the Easy Part

Once again in my life, the score is the Devil 2 and Greg 0 going into the third period. The first goal in the Devil’s pending hat trick was my deciding not to donate to my diocese’s annual drive because of several emails that were never acknowledged...

On Dealing With Anger

We can and do hurt other people. And I think it’s true that, generally speaking, the ones that can and do hurt the most are the ones who claim to love each other. A total stranger can hurt us, but there is no hurt greater than that which comes...