June 22, 2022

Tag: Believe

Listening and Believing

There’s an inspiring book called The Hiding Place which was written many years ago by a Dutch woman named Corrie ten Boom. It tells the story of how she and her family lived in Holland before and during World War II. They were Christians who took...

Pleasing God—or the World

One Sunday afternoon in New York City, a man named Steve got on the subway and found a seat in a quiet car. Some of the people were reading the newspaper; others were dozing, and some were thinking or contemplating with their eyes closed...

Searching for the Obvious

On Divine Mercy Sunday, Holy Mother Church gives us verses (20:19-31) from the Gospel of John so that we may be among the blessed ones. She wants us to be among those who, although they have not seen, have believed nonetheless. She wants us to...