January 20, 2020

Tag: Consequences

Trending Toward Hot

In 1985, a band called The Power Station released a song that immediately became a best seller. With a snappy tune and fast-paced lyrics sung by the British singer, Robert Palmer, the words described a swath of the American culture. We want to...

Actions Have Consequences

The parable in the Gospel of Matthew (21:33-43) begins with numerous references to the first reading from the prophet Isaiah (5:1-7). In that reading a vineyard is meticulously prepared. It is put on good ground; the soil is spaded; it is cleared of...

Christians and Karma

Christians are not noted for learning from people of different faiths. In fact, many Christians seem to believe that even considering a perspective that differs from their own is borderline sinful. That is unfortunate because examining others’ views...

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