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We are in the midst of a biological revolution that may transform humans as we more If, biblically speaking, grace is a gift from our Heavenly Father that is more What do you think about our first reading from the Prophet Isaiah (11:1-10)? more

One Thing

In the Gospel of Luke (10:42), the Lord says: “There is need of only one thing…” For as long as we do not find that one thing or we get sidetracked looking for many other things, inexorably, we can expect anxiety, restlessness, tension, agitation, in a ...

Our Devotion

In the 1978 American musical film, Grease, actress Olivia Newton John (Sandy) intoned the lyrics “I’m hopelessly devoted to you.” Through her words, she really meant that her affection and devotion for her boyfriend, Danny (John Travolta), were unchangea...

Significant in God’s Eyes

In all of God’s creation, what is His most significant, His most important one? Is it not the huma...

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