June 24, 2022

Tag: Feminism

A Lost Paradise

Comedians, playwrights and pundits have had a field day with the institution of marriage. For generations, it has served as fertile ground for sitcoms, the stage and cinema from the Bickersons, the Honeymooners and Hennie Youngman to Who’s Afraid of...

Confronting the Harpies

My friend and I were standing in front of Cobo Hall in Detroit recently to protest the 2017 Women’s Convention going on inside. Planned Parenthood was one of the sponsors of this event, and so we, along with about a hundred fellow pro-lifers, were...

Feminism and Sharia Law

The last group one would expect to be helping advance Sharia (Islamic) law is feminists, and yet they are doing just that, albeit unintentionally. As is well known, Feminism opposes male domination and the political and social systems that...