June 22, 2022

Tag: God

Remembering God

We are living in a world wherein there is a pathology of memory. How much we have become liable to forget the good that was done to us! No wonder that we have become so pessimistic, tragic and, to a certain degree, narcissists...

The Hand of God

I don’t think one has to be a mystic or even a serious thinker to see the hand of God at work in daily life. God’s presence is ubiquitous and whispering softly to those willing to listen to His voice. I have two very recent examples of His...

The Big Amen

For a long time, I have erroneously referred to the book and movies, derived from the late Swedish author Stieg Larssons, as The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo. Of course, everyone knows it is Dragon, instead of Butterfly. If I had butterflies on...