June 22, 2022

Tag: Great Depression

Depression & WW2: The End of An Era for America

My son pointed out to me as we settled our bill in a restaurant recently: “Dad, how come you still use cash? Nobody does that any more!” I casually commented that “It reflects the time that I was raised.” There are fewer and fewer of...

Remembering the Great Depression

For those who lived through the Great Depression, they were forever changed. Of the many recollections provided about that era at Brainy Quote, these three sum up what it was like growing up during the 1930s. My parents were children during the...

Shades of the Great Depression?

The foreign exchange markets are beginning to look like a battlefield wherein a war of competitive depreciation involving a number of national and regional currencies is occurring. Can a Smoot-Hawley type tariff war be far behind? Perhaps it has...