May 19, 2020

Tag: Holy Spirit

Jesus is Lord!

Even a quick overview of the Bible, especially the New Testament, tells us that people are divided in two groups: the group of Jesus and the group of Satan. There is the group of those who gather with Jesus and the one of those who scatter with the...

Boxing with Ghosts

I might have missed my chance to write the great American novel. A streak of creative genius might have flashed across the horizon of my mind, but I’ll never know because at that moment, I was looking the other way. I was busy fanaticizing about...

Transformed By The Holy Spirit

Transformed By The Holy Spirit

Once there was a married couple who had a five-year-old son; they did a lot of outdoor activities together, such as bike-riding, and they were constantly emphasizing to their son the importance of wearing a safety helmet while on a bicycle. One...