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We are in the midst of a biological revolution that may transform humans as we more If, biblically speaking, grace is a gift from our Heavenly Father that is more What do you think about our first reading from the Prophet Isaiah (11:1-10)? more

Stimulating Catholic Intellects: Part III

In Parts I and II, I noted that with Christianity under attack from secularism, selfism, socialism, and Islamism, Catholics need to be engaged in its defense. Their arguments should focus on reason more than faith because that is the focus their opponents und...

Stimulating Catholic Intellects: Part II

Christians should be leading the defense of western civilization against the threats of secularism, selfism, socialism, and Islamism. Lamentably, they are not showing that leadership, mainly because of the arguments they use. Protestants generally use biblical...

Stimulating Catholic Intellects

Ambrose Bierce, a master of insightful wit, once defined the term Scriptures as “the sacred books ...

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