June 22, 2022

Tag: Lourdes

There By Invitation: Part III

There were diverse trials during this journey, but I do not talk about them to gain sympathy. I mention them because they were an integral part of the experience. They were the fodder for growth, for learning to trust, and for learning to accept...

There By Invitation: Part II

The nine-hour flight to Frankfurt was pleasant and the time passed quickly. I slept through about half of it. While I was awake, I watched a couple of movies and I ate. I thought the meals were pretty decent for airlines food, and the attendants...

There By Invitation: Part I

For years I’d wanted to work as a volunteer in Lourdes. I’d wanted to go there with an open heart and mind and to immerse myself in being a servant of Our Lady. I had even travelled to Lourdes with a pilgrimage group in order to explore the...