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The level of incivility and animosity in America today gives ample cause to more Next year at this time, Americans will mark the 400th anniversary of the more We are in the midst of a biological revolution that may transform humans as we more If, biblically speaking, grace is a gift from our Heavenly Father that is more

The Problem with Wide Gates

A careful reading of the Gospels reveals the utter amazement of the crowds over the fact that Jesus taught with authority and convincing force. Apparently, they were accustomed to hearing nice, soothing words of reassurance, compromises and watered down messa...

Entering Through the Narrow Gate

By this time in our spiritual journey we might have a somewhat clear picture of those who would qualify as “Pharisees.” We know that they tend to be self-righteous and stuck up and rigid. At the same time, we suspect that a small Pharisee has nestled insid...

The Wide Door is the Wrong One

The Gospel of Luke (13:22-30) reveals the fact that Jesus teaches with authority and force. One of ...

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