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We are in the midst of a biological revolution that may transform humans as we more If, biblically speaking, grace is a gift from our Heavenly Father that is more What do you think about our first reading from the Prophet Isaiah (11:1-10)? more

The Nearsighted Shepherd, Part 3

A Guide to Improving Shepherding Part 1 showed how the Bishops’ championing of Muslim migration and support of the foes of American democracy advance Political Correctness more than Gospel. Part 2 demonstrated that their trea...

The Nearsighted Shepherd- Part 2

Part I of this essay introduced the fable of the Nearsighted Shepherd and likened his situation to that of the Catholic Bishops (USCCB) whose attention has inexplicably wandered from tending their own flocks to tending Muslim flocks. Part ...

The Nearsighted Shepherd

A Cautionary Fable Once upon a time, there was a nearsighted shepherd who mistook another flock ...

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