June 22, 2022

Tag: Riots

Mayhem’s Urgent Message

George Floyd died in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020 with a policeman’s knee on his neck. The media showed the tape over and over for days. Protestors crowded the streets, followed by rioters, looters, and anarchists. Then, two months later, a police...

Remembering the 1967 Detroit Riots

At the time of the riot, I was stationed at Camp Grayling doing a two week period of summer training. I had just completed one full week and was looking forward to the final week when word came down that we had been ordered back to Detroit. I was a...

The Root Cause of the Baltimore Riots

The root cause of the Baltimore riots of April, 2015 wasn’t the Mayor’s poor judgment. It was the erroneous beliefs that shaped her judgment. There is no question that Mayor Rawlings-Blake erred in giving “space” to those who “wished to destroy,”...