June 24, 2022

Tag: Sex-Abuse Scandal

Pope Benedict XVI On Sex Abuse

Pope Benedict’s recent essay on the Church’s sex-abuse scandal begins by clarifying the cultural context in which the sex-abuse scandal occurred. It addresses this matter with great skill and insight. As the essay proceeds, however, it...

Abusers, Enablers, and Jesus: Part 2

The two greatest Catholic sins of our time are the disgusting sexual abuse of our young people by priests and the reprehensible shielding of both crimes and perpetrators by many bishops and cardinals. Why, then, do I mention Jesus in the title? As a...

Abusers, Enablers, and Jesus

The story of Catholic priests and sex abuse is back in the news and it is no less painful for Catholics this time than it was the last. Some may be thinking, “There’s no point in visiting the same moral swamp again. There’s been too much revelation...