July 2, 2022

Tag: Talents

God Entrusts Many Gifts To Us

Once upon a time there was a good and wise king, much loved by his people and truly concerned for their well-being. One day he called together his three daughters and said, “I wish to go off and spend much time in prayer and learn more about God; in...

Developing Our Talents

Every few years someone makes a dire prediction the world is coming to an end on a specific date. Each prediction is vehement, expressed with certainty, and wrong. Last January a teen confronted me with, “Christ is supposed to come again this year...

God Encourages Us To Jump Into Life

The gospel accounts of last weekend, this weekend and next weekend are all taken from the 24th and 25th chapters of St. Matthew. The teachings presented in them by Christ are his last ones before he was to enter into Jerusalem and there be put to...