December 13, 2019

Tag: Thankfulness

A Hymn of Thanksgiving

Lutheran pastor Martin Rinckart, served in a German town named Eilenburg that became a refuge for military and political fugitives during the Thirty Years War. Eilenburg became overcrowded with refugees who were victims of famine, and victims of the...

God Alone is Owed Our Thanksgiving

In antiquity, the only measure that could be adopted to curtail leprosy and prevent contamination was the creation of boundaries similar to other boundaries that figure prominently in the Bible. Here are the most well-known: No impure foods must...

Being Grateful for God’s Gifts

Once there was a wealthy woman who employed two servants in her home: a maid, and a cook. Every year at Christmas time the woman gave her servants an expensive gift. One year, however, the servants were surprised when their gift turned out to be a...

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