June 23, 2022

Tag: World War II

Depression & WW2: The End of An Era for America

My son pointed out to me as we settled our bill in a restaurant recently: “Dad, how come you still use cash? Nobody does that any more!” I casually commented that “It reflects the time that I was raised.” There are fewer and fewer of...

The Narrow Escape of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Even at the height of the Blitz in World War 2, St. Paul’s Cathedral managed to survive intact, the famous “island in a sea of flames.” The aftermath is still visible today, for now St. Paul’s is mostly surrounded by modern postwar buildings, the...

Our History Is Slipping Away

As time marches on, many of us with links to the past are seeing those links pass away. As a young child, I grew up with a lot of friends, neighbors, and even co-workers that had been part of the events in World War II. I learned so much from...