What Has Become of Our Country?

What Has Become of Our Country?

I lived through an era where the United States was one of the proudest nations on earth. It was a time when people worked hard and didn’t want to accept charity. They prided themselves in not taking government handouts. They went to church and helped their neighbors. People didn’t always have the best but what they had was clean and it was paid for. We always had food on the table and it was good food. It was not always the best that money could buy, but it was wholesome food. My parents would send food to my grandparents if they had extra.

Now I shake my head and can’t believe what our country has become. We are a nation of people who want to be taken care of and feel that the government owes us something. 50% of us pay no federal income taxes and 46 million of our citizens are on food stamps. While a growing number of states teeter on the edge of fiscal insolvency, our federal government has managed to destroy our economy with an $18 trillion dollar debt. Its disability programs are ready to go broke and Social Security itself is in jeopardy. And now, that same government wants to cut benefits to the very people that worked tirelessly for decades to pay into a system that now has no money in it and that depends on the few Americans still working and paying Social Security to support it for the few years that it may last. We have somewhere in the area of 13 million illegal immigrants in this country and we can’t even agree on how to handle them. They work most of the menial and some skilled jobs in this country but pay no taxes.

So given all of this, where do we spend a majority of our attention? On LGBT citizens who most by choice have a sexual lifestyle that they want society to accept. I can have sexual relations with another man, then a woman, and marry either one if I want because it is my so-called “right” as a citizen of these great United States of America! My son can wear girls clothing and my daughter can dress like a boy. Transgender girls are also welcome—in the Girl Scouts! And somewhere along the line, society will be required to pay for it if they can’t decide on a restroom to use or a school to attend. Men want to marry men, women want to marry women, either one can have a sex change, and society has a duty to honor their rights as citizens of this great country.

I now pray that this country will last. At one time we had a future, but now I am not so sure. We have a billion dollar army and navy and hundreds of nuclear bombs and thousand of bases all over the world and we can’t protect our own people from terrorism. God help us for those that still believe in God.

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Written by
Donald Wittmer