The Brotherhood of the Flesh (Part Two)
Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956)

The Brotherhood of the Flesh (Part Two)

Aleister Crowley passed his baton of sexual depravity to a meek and outwardly man whose early interests centered on his gall wasp collection. This was Alfred Kinsey, who would revolutionize the sexual mores of the American people. As Dr. James Jones, a professor of history at the University of Houston, relates in his seminal study Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public and Private Life, this was a typical activity for the man who helped destroy the traditional moral strictures of the Christian code of personal morality. With Kinsey as a guide, it is not too difficult to understand how American society has lost its way into the sexual wilderness that characterizes the country’s Cole Porter anything goes mentality toward sex.

Like Crowley, Kinsey considered religion a major source of human misery. He also had an abiding animus toward Catholics. Religious people struck him as the most wretchedly conflicted group. In words that were laced in anger and spite, Kinsey said the Catholic Church has always emphasized the abnormality or perverseness of sexual behavior, which occurs outside of marriage.  

Kinsey displayed a chutzpah that personifies E. Michael Jones’ degenerate moderns. He believed that the Church was responsible for the breakdown of the family because of its relentless hostility to human passion and its strident efforts to control the sexual behaviors of family members. He opposed certain aspects of Catholic dogma that were very repressive, such as birth control. Kinsey was also a eugenicist in his thinking. Like Margaret Sanger before him, he thought, the wrong people were having too many babies.

Kinsey’s whole professional and private life was a frontal assault on traditional morality in a revolutionary attempt to dismantle the cause of his own self-torment. He suffered great pangs of conscience and guilt over his carnal yearnings and his incessant masturbatory sessions as a young man. As an Eagle Scout, he often used his love of the outdoors to parade around naked in front of his fellow scouts in a veiled attempt to initiate sexual activity.

Kinsey’s dedicated assault on religious and moral tradition utilized the academic surroundings of his very popular marriage course at Indiana University in Bloomington. It was here that he perfected his technique of the personal case history. He interviewed everyone he came in contact with, which he later expanded to inmates from prisons. His casual manner undressed his subjects of their inhibitions against detailing their innermost erotic secrets and behaviors.  

Kinsey catalogued their sexual histories into what he considered meaningful data. He used his scientific data to re-institute pagan and modernistic attitudes about sex, marriage, and homosexuality that are at the very heart of the culture war today. Kinsey was one of the pioneering members of the ungodly vanguard that would later assault the Christian code that had characterized American society for nearly 200 years.    

Kinsey was also a firm believer in moral relativism. What is right for one individual may be wrong for the next and what is sin and abomination for one may be a worthwhile part of the next individual’s life. To Kinsey, men and women were no better than the gall wasps he collected and studied early in his professional life. His science held that so-called crimes against nature, such as masturbation, oral genital contacts and homosexual practices were common among many mammals. Society may condemn them on moral grounds, but it was unscientific to call them unnatural. (This appears like the shades of Dr. Anthony Fauci.)

With a logic only George Orwell could fathom, Kinsey declared that the real sexual deviancies were the cultural perversions of celibacy, delayed marriage, chastity, and asceticism. Ironically, he viewed himself as a defender and protector of the institution of marriage. By stressing the need for premarital intercourse, he erroneously taught that it would strengthen the marriage bond later. 

Kinsey was the high priest of liberation, an iconoclast of traditional morality. He believed all lustful desires were normal and should be acted upon without inhibition or guilt. He wanted to extend his ministry to the prisons where many people were unjustly incarcerated because of their sexual behavior. He was a modern-day Martin Luther, who had proclaimed his own revolution to anoint each individual as his own priest.

If Kinsey were just another lunatic in the crowd, it would be simply regrettable but because of his position among an academic elite, his sordid research and teachings had a vast impact on American culture and society. Dr. Kinsey’s research, which included a voyeuristic collection of thousands of case histories, unscientific methodology and the observance of the sexual abuse of children, revolved around the theory that deviance is the engine of social and biological processes. While Kinsey’s personal history is still secret, biographer Jones made an impressive case that he was justifying his carnal cravings, if not behaviors with his research. 

While Kinsey had relations with anyone who would submit to him, he preferred men. He believed that the main cause of homosexuality was society’s failure to condone premarital heterosexual relations. His open admission that he was a homosexual came after years of claiming that he was a devoted family man. According to his biographer James Jones, Kinsey was, a crypto-reformer, who turned voyeurism into science.

Deviance, according to E. Michael Jones, clearly takes on a metaphysical if not a theological role in Kinsey’s philosophy.As his obsessions became more dominant, he became determined to find a connection between evolution and homosexuality. Evolution had become for him the matrix for deviance or the point where something new develops. To him it was an evolutionary step above heterosexuality.  

The basis of Kinsey’s science was his own homosexual compulsions. He was compelled to witness bizarre sexual behavior, to personally engage in it and then to justify it by claiming it was all in the name of scientific research. He toured the gay scene wherever he traveled, from Rome through Paris. He felt Spain was a priest-ridden country. He learned that other European nations had handled sexuality without all the prudery and prohibitions this country did. With his 7,985 case histories, he established a large library of erotica, which still resides in his archives in Bloomington.  

By mid-summer of 1939, Kinsey was spending every weekend in Chicago where he had gained entry into the nether world of homosexual culture. Homosexuals in the late 1930’s and 1940’s were like a secret society, engaging in criminal behavior. This underworld, on Rush Street and other area locales, resembled some dark and dreary scene from the pages of Dante’s Inferno. He found gays to be special people, who knew how to dance, laugh and, of course, love without restraint. Unlike a priest in confession, Kinsey was their secular priest who was there to validate their illicit behaviors.   

His entry into the underworld of homosexuality had given a new direction to his research. Kinsey taught that it was not a glandular disease but was an acquired taste. He vowed to make society pay for the harm it had inflicted on him by making him hide his homosexuality and live the sham of a life he had with his wife Clara. The science laboratory became his den of iniquity.  

Kinsey’s most depraved subject was a Mr. X who was the product of a home corrupted by cross-generational sex. He had incestuous relations with several family members. Before Kinsey interviewed him, he had had sex with hundreds of prepubescent males, young girls, adults of both sexes, and even animals of different species. Mr. X was college educated and had a responsible job with the government that required extensive travel. He also had a sizable collection of erotica and personal notes on his conquests, which he readily shared with Kinsey.  

The scientific falsehood of his research was that Kinsey had stacked the deck and directed it to arrive at his preordained conclusions, all in the name of irrefutable science. And the American people bought it, literally in books like Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, published in 1947. It rivaled the sales of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the WindThe Kinsey Report, as the public quickly dubbed it, cost $6.50. It was difficult to read with its 804 pages, brimming with a dreary morass of technical jargon and statistical charts. The two years following its publication witnessed over 500 magazine and journal articles about it.

The Kinsey Report had many veiled references and thinly disguised opinions, all designed to attack and challenge the traditional attitudes and mores of American society. Kinsey believed that all humans were pansexual, so relationships with either sex were natural and fulfilling. He felt that binary labels, such as homosexual and heterosexual, could not capture the rich diversity of the human species. Like most liberals, he thought knowledge would cure society of its ills and everyone would be happier. 

He later published the Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. In it he depicted women as sexual beings who did not need a man for fulfillment. He was a pioneer in separating sex from procreation. Women now had their own study that put them on the same sensual plateau as men.  Newsweek called it the season’s most sensational best seller.  

Kinsey’s research turned a fateful corner with the inclusion of data about sex with children, including infants. At best his research made him an accessory to the crime of child abuse. These kids were clinically described in his literature as partners. Since there were no moral boundaries in his thinking, why should children be exempt from carnal pleasures? He rationalized what had been repugnant to the general population really didn’t hurt anyone and was of no threat to public safety.  

Kinsey’s studies accelerated the rate by which children were integrated into the sexual revolution. This is the implicit logic of this revolution, which is really a redefinition of human nature in defiance of God’s law. The gay lobby, especially its most perverted wing, NAMBLA, the infamous, Man/Boy Love Association, is constantly reminding the culture that pederasty was widely tolerated in pre-Christian pagan societies.  

This has become the sleeping sentinel that allows sex educators today, to subvert the early moral pillars of children under the rubric of education. Sex educator, Edward Eichel, has identified heterophobia, as the hidden agenda of sex education courses. Their primary function is to break down the child’s innate sense of modesty and his natural aversion to homosexual behavior.     

Kinsey saw quickly the erotic possibilities of using film to document his research. He enticed most of his staff and their wives to perform sexual acts before his camera, alone, with a partner or in a group. Women were free to refuse but there was the inherent threat of loss of status within this free love community. Kinsey believed that since this was all to benefit science, there should be neither shame nor repugnance among the participants. 

Kinsey urged a Mr. Y to have sex with Clara. She dutifully complied. Her supplicant behavior is one of the most incredible sections of Jones’ biography of  Kinsey. It is inconceivable that such a rather plain woman and the mother of his children, could have joined his wife-swapping experiments under her very own roof. Clara literally stood by her man, no matter how perverse nor degrading his demands were. Her husband had apparently liberated Clara from her brain and maybe even her soul.  

When his sponsors and critics came to Bloomington, Kinsey showed them his growing pornographic library, all protected under the rubric of scientific research. Many executives of the Rockefeller Foundation unwittingly gave him their sexual case histories. This provided Kinsey with leverage over them and they were compelled to grant him money to fund his twisted research. The same mechanism worked on the members of the press. Kinsey threatened to use his information to blackmail them if they dared to criticize his institute.

Population control and family planning, including abortion services, became the hallmark of the union of ideas and policies between the Kinsey Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation. They saw his eclectic mind as one that would compile scientific data that others could use to develop social and economic policies that would impact the sexual habits of the world population in such a way that would more easily advance their global ideology.  

Kinsey fueled the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, which was a blatant attack on the cellular structure of society. Under communism, free love was the only freedom left. It was also the only freedom that was compatible with dictatorship. Sexual freedom has come to mean sexual anomie or the total breakdown of norms or standards, supported by irresponsibility. One need only read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World to understand this. 

Dr. Kinsey hated normal marital relationships so much that he did everything he could to discredit and undercut them. The horror of his personal life, which was repeatedly covered up by his institute and the foundation, still exists today. It stands as a painful reminder of the horrific lives of those who followed his example in the name of liberation are still paying the price.

Without the millions in funding from Rockefeller and Ford, Kinsey and his Institute would have merited, not even a footnote in a thin history book. It was not until some of his more bizarre even kinky practices started to leak out, that the new president of the Foundation, Dean Rusk, a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, and future Secretary of State under John F. Kennedy, took office that Kinsey lost their formal support. 

It is unsurprising that Kinsey’s personal perversions had a deleterious effect on his physical health. During much of his professional life, he suffered from a lengthy list of illnesses that included orchitis, an inflammation of his genitalia and hypertension. Kinsey took a lethal cycle of drugs for stimulation and tranquilizers that eventually led to heart disease. He died on Sunday, August 25, 1956 from an embolism that resulted from a bruise from a fall in his garden.The third member of this sexual axis of evil, is Hugh Marston Hefner, the founder of Playboy Magazine. While Kinsey was a strong admirer of Aleister Crowley, Hefner often voiced his great debt to the Kinsey Report. With Kinsey as his inspiration, Hefner launched a soft porn industry that rocked American mores and influenced several generations of American males and  many females.

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Written by
William Borst