Deep State Launches Phony Bomb Scare Plot

Deep State Launches Phony Bomb Scare Plot

Early on October 25th, the editorial board of the Catholic Journal sat down with a former FBI agent who wanted to share information with us about a plot at the highest levels of the FBI and the DOJ to discredit President Trump and the Republicans. To protect himself and his family, we will refer to him only as Agent Barnes. The interview is as follows:

CJ: Agent Barnes, how long did you serve with the Bureau?

AB: I put in 30 years with the Bureau, working in the bank fraud sector for ten years, and then twelve years in the human trafficking area, and then in my last eight years, I worked in the anti-terrorist sector.

CJ: I understand that you have been retired for four years now. Where are you getting the information you are about to share?

AB: I have many good friends at the Bureau, and one them called me last night to tell me what he knows. 

CJ: Okay, then please share it.

AB: Let’s start with the targets of the bomber or bombers. Obviously, each of them could be considered “enemies” of President Trump and have verbally attacked him for the last three years. In my anti-terrorism experience, this is a red flag. 

CJ: Why would you say that?

AB: Well, what is the purpose of a terrorist? Yes, he wants to spread terror, and although a threat of terror can be frightening, the loss of human life is the ultimate goal, which leads me to my next point.

CJ: Go on.

AB: How many bombs have exploded?

CJ: None, as far as we know.

AB: Exactly. The devices are not intended to explode. Anyone with any knowledge of explosive devices can look at these so-called pipe bombs and know that they were really never a threat to anyone. 

CJ: What else can you tell us?

AB: The misspelled names and words on the envelopes are too cute by half. Whoever did this wants the authorities to assume that the perpetrator is rather uneducated, perhaps a school dropout or a foreign individual. Oh, I almost forgot. The packages are designed to be detected by post office officials. In other words, the packaging is so poorly constructed that postal workers would instantly red-flag them.

CJ: Okay, so if your sources are right, what is the point? Who is behind this and why?

AB: Bob Mueller’s probe is coming to an end. He has nothing on Trump and never did. There was no collusion with Russia, and there was no obstruction of justice. But remember that Mueller is a best friend of fired FBI director James Comey. Comey’s friends, including Andy McCabe, Peter Strozk, Bruce Orr and others are in deep legal trouble. If the Republicans continue their probe into corruption in the FBI and DOJ, some of these bad actors are going to jail for a long time. Unless they throw a “Hail Mary.”

What if they identify some nut job who is a big fan of Donald Trump as the culprit. After they capture him, they will have photos of him wearing a MAGA hat. Photos in his home will show a huge collection of Trump memorabilia. He might even have a Nazi tattoo on a conspicuous part of his body.

CJ: Look, I know the media would try to make the connection and blame Trump for the bombings, but they’re already doing that. 

AB: Fair enough. But what if there is “evidence” that this bomber is a Russian emigrant? What then? Here we go again. Now we have the collusion issue back on the front burner.

CJ: I still don’t see how such a scenario helps Comey and his pals.

AB: With the midterms right around the corner, what if this information convinces a number of potential Republican voters to stay home or vote for Democrats? And by doing so, the Democrats take the House. All the investigations into the corruption at the FBI and DOJ come to an end. Comey and his fellow crooks are home free.

CJ: I don’t know. This all seems so far-fetched.

AB: Well, then, let’s call this plot “Benghazi 2.0.” If the Obama Administration could blame a riot where Americans died on a YouTube video that practically no one ever saw, then why is this plot so hard to believe?

CJ: I see your point. Agent Barnes, thanks again for sharing this story.

AB: You’re welcome. For the sake of the nation I love, I hope I’m wrong.

(Editor’s Note: We apologize to our readers that the above interview is a total fabrication. The sad part is that it’s believable, and that tells us a lot about the reputation of the leadership of the DOJ and FBI.)

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Written by
Thomas Addis