New Government Initiatives?

New Government Initiatives?

I often wonder who why our Congress seems to be able to react to every whim in the daily news and seems ready to discuss the latest events but seldom do we see anyone working on new approaches that make sense to the hard-working taxpayer. It appears that members of Congress have one objective– being re-elected over and over again. With two parties split over every issue every day, we seem to be going nowhere.

How about if they looked at the following list:

Should we spend a few more million dollars and have Mr. Mueller write another report that can be released to the public?

Having made full use of the 74,608 pages in the IRS Tax Code, request that the IRS issue a shortened report on Mr. Trump’s Federal Income Taxes stating how much he made and how little taxes he paid?

Should the new IRS paycheck withholding equal what you made less 25% to live on? Seems like the days of a refund are gone?

Should United States Homeland Security agents give out vouchers at the border to buy a new home anywhere in Mexico paid for by Congress? Might be cheaper than housing them in the U.S.

Starting with the new fiscal year, October 1, 2019, all cabinet members and staff at the White House will have a signed but undated letter of resignation on file so that Mr. Trump can make changes more easily.

Should Congress consider shutting down all the “National Debt” clocks as it is alarming to many citizens?

Should Congress hold mandatory classes to explain to its members how the Fiscal Year budget for 2020, starting October 1, 2019 and running through September 30, 2020, will be a trillion dollars out of balance due to government over spending of $4.746 trillion dollars with only incoming revenue of $3.643 trillion dollars?

If the United States Government defaults on its debt in the Fall, whose job will it be to tell the Senators and Congressmen and women and their staffs that their paychecks are worthless? Who decides which bill gets paid and which one gets deferred?

What does Congress do with all our ships, planes, tanks and troops if we don’t start a war soon?

Should Congress consider closing some of the 5,000+ bases we have worldwide to save money?

Should Congress address the $261 billion dollars that is lost every year to waste and fraud in the government?

The United States trade deficit with China was ($420 billion) dollars in 2018. In other words, we imported $540 billion dollars worth of product and exported $120 billion to China. Should we seriously look at the affects of our tariffs on our trade with China?

Food for thought.

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Written by
Donald Wittmer