Quo vadis, Australia

Quo vadis, Australia

A democracy without values easily turns into open or thinly disguised totalitarianism.” – Pope John Paul II

Church law forbids the revelation of any sin admitted in confession under the penalty of excommunication. So far each state and territory of the Australian Commonwealth has enacted legislation commonly known as `mandatory reporting laws.` Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse recommended removing the protection for the seal of confession, thereby placing itself above God. In many instances confessors under Communism and Nazism would rather suffer prison, torture, and execution rather than have to break the sacramental seal. Blessed Otto Neururer (†1940), who was the first Austrian priest killed in a Nazi concentration camp, used to utter “The seal of confession is sacred,” and “It can never be broken.”

Following the infamous example of the Netherlands, where the culture of death is reaping its abundant harvest, in June 2019 Australia commenced in Victoria state permits voluntary assisted dying. It turns out that the euthanasia program was Nazi Germany’s first program of mass murder. It predated the genocide of European Jewry and was pursued to eliminate what eugenicists and their supporters deemed “life unworthy of life.” St. Pope John Paul II (†2005) strenuously objected to it saying “Even when not motivated by a selfish refusal to be burdened with the life of someone who is suffering, euthanasia must be called a false mercy, and indeed a disturbing `perversion` of mercy.”  

At present abortion is practically decriminalized across Australia, although some restrictions remain and vary depending on specific legislation of each state. New South Wales is the last one which adopted deadly procedures, and killing the unborn up to 22 weeks is legal. Not every one knows that on March 9, 1943, in the occupied Poland, the Germans legalized abortion without restrictions. At the same time, in the Third Reich, abortion was banned and even punished with death. The view of Adolf Hitler on the concept of abortion tends to be quite interesting: “When facing big families of indigenous peoples it is greatly benefiting if girls and women have as many back-street abortions as they can [..] Yet, I will shoot every jerk myself who would like to put into practice provisions against abortion on the occupied lands in the East.” Perhaps the most famous statement of St. Pope John Paul II,  is “A Nation that kills its own children has no future.” 

Same-sex marriage was on the political agenda for several years, nonetheless it has been legal in the Commonwealth of Australia since 9 December 2017. Legislation to allow same-sex marriage, the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017, passed the Australian Parliament on 7 December 2017. The Catechism clearly states: “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” and “under no circumstances can they be approved.” Along with abortion, homosexual acts are the gravest trespasses upon nature. History has demonstrated all too often that godless ideologies and inhumane political systems, which abused freedom, ultimately fell.

As the Servant of God, Primate of Poland, Cardinal August Hlond (†1948) preached “On no account can the State be entitled to perform unethical acts, which means evil cannot become moral and permitted merely because the state authorizes them […] Therefore, neither raison d’état nor the sake of the state strictly binds [a Christian] but only within the limits and in accordance with the divine law”, hence the actions of the Australian Commonwealth resemble to a greater and greater extent a train which  passengers have boarded at a Democracy station and which they may one day get off at a Totalitarianism station. Will this ultimately bring them back to the policy of the 1920s formulated by Benito Mussolini? “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.” For now, I will leave this question unanswered.

There is no doubt that on the eve of the global conflict, the world desperately needed a  prayer. In 1938, now the Servant of God Rozalia Celak (†1944), suddenly recalled that she had given herself to Jesus to suffer greatly out of love,  in the first place for the sake of Poland, and then for Germany, Russia, Spain and the whole world. During a mystical vision the heavenly messenger takes her hand and leads her to the other side of the globe and then he points to the United States of America and Australia saying in deep distress: “Didn’t Christ suffer also for those souls? Aren’t they saved with His Most Sacred Blood? You should include them, my child, in particular America.”  

Very few people here still believe that their beloved homeland was miraculously saved from Japan invasion by the Virgin Mary. In 1942 the enemy was a hair’s breadth away from invading completely defenseless Australia. The Japanese Army came within 40 miles north of Port Moresby. Their air force bombed Darwin, Broomie, Townsville as well as a large part of the Australian coast line while a force of five large and three midget submarines entered Sydney Harbor shelling suburbs and sinking one accommodation ship. In February 1942, Japanese Admiral Yamamoto proposed an immediate invasion of Australia. Unexpectedly Japanese Imperial Headquarters abandoned the invasion plans. I wonder if this time there could be found at least “10 righteous” in the Land Down Under whose heroic faith will stop Chinese nuclear warheads? Furthermore, no-one will guarantee that one day 260 million Muslim Indonesia may not thirst to impose Sharia law among neighboring countries. 

The Australian Federal, State and Local governments have to understand that sooner or later, grave offences against God may bring about a great deal of suffering to the Australian People. Even today they are having difficulties dealing with raging bushfires and exacerbating draughts. No wonder – when God’s law is violated then laws of nature are seriously shaken. Queensland’s premier A. Palaszczuk described mid-November 2018 events as “off the charts.” She went on to say “No one has ever recorded these kinds of conditions ever in the history of Queensland.” Meanwhile, in October 2018 as her government adopted new abortion laws she gave a public utterance: “This is an historic day for Queensland. The Palaszczuk Government is proud to deliver on our election commitment to modernize and clarify the laws around termination of pregnancy.” Sadly, Ms. Palaszczuk was totally unable to relate  these occurrences to one another, and  barking up the wrong tree. 

For the time being Australian mainstream media are continuously attributing all freaks of nature to a global warming, which discontinues to be a merely scientific term but is becoming increasingly an ideological tool, finding extremely fertile soil in a highly secularized society. In the country in which 30% declare themselves  to be atheists , it is not difficult to mount mass hysteria and environmental fanaticism. We  were all witnesses when more than 300,000 people took to the streets of Australian cities during the September climate protests. Poor Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish girl whose breathtaking contempt for adults made her an international eco-hero, does not know how cynically she was being used. 

Where there is no place for God, the Devil immediately sneaks into a human soul, and provides a man with pseudo-religion that can be called “existential eco-anxiety.” Through the climate policy the great of the world attempt to rule over a man, not only by controlling energy consumption, but also by limiting the number of children. It emerges that air children breathing poses a threat for our planet, hence a Man becomes a hindrance. It is but one step away from eco-totalitarianism. 

Although news of a democratic backsliding in Australia may come as a surprise, especially to those looking at it from the outside, it is not so for devout Catholics who have been learning it the hard way, with Cardinal George Pell in the lead. However, God is the Lord of history, the Master of our past, present, and future, whether one likes it or not. At the right time Our Lady will conquer all evil and crush the enemy to dust restoring divine order. On the 8th of December 2002, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Alicja Lenczewska (†2012), a contemporary Polish mystic and stigmatic, received a prophetic message: “The Immaculate Heart of My Mother will triumph. She is the Mother of the Church which is always Holy, notwithstanding the sins and infidelity of many of her children. […]  Dawn breaks and spring comes  for the Church, though there is the Anti-church and its founder the Anti-christ, though there are prophets and priests of  Lucifer, and a well-disciplined army of Masonry […] though there is a worldwide ‘Sanhedrin’ that runs the Church of Satan. Nevertheless they have subjugated governments and accumulated wealth, and seem to have poisoned everything leading the world to perdition. […] The chastisement will occur, which will reveal in the light of Divine Truth the lies of the children of darkness so that every man according to one’s will, facing the truth, will have to choose between the Kingdom of My Father and giving oneself over to the Father of lies for all eternity. And the world will be freed from the Great Harlot’s spider-web, from the church of the Anti-christ […] The Virgin Mary is the one through whom the renewal of the Church takes place, so that the Church will shine forth with the splendor of  divine holiness.”

Blessed Archbishop Fulton Sheen once stated something that at first seems shocking as we look at Australia today: “The new era into which we are entering is what might be called the religious phase of human history.” That which appears impossible to us is not so to God, for nothing is impossible to God (Luke 1:37). 

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Written by
Paul Suski