In the Dark Shadows of Abortion

In the Dark Shadows of Abortion

What do the old Brooklyn Dodgers and abortion rights have in common? I know that sounds like a strange question but in 1953 the Brooklyn Dodgers roster, the so-called Boys of Summer, listed two formidable pitchers on their roster. Listed alphabetically, one above the other, Erwin Preacher Roe and Ben Wade were important cogs in a Dodger team that won a pennant and a team record 105 games. That mark stood until 2019 when the Los Angeles Dodgers won 106. (They tied it this past season.) Who would have ever guessed that 20 years later, their last names would have been eternally linked, and reprised in the persons of Jane Roe, the pseudonym for Norma McCorvey and Henry Wade, Roe’s local district attorney.

Since that dark January day in 1973, America has been engaged in a war, not only for its civility but for its national soul. While our country was torn asunder by a civil war that had deprived millions of black people of their freedom and livelihood in the 19th century, abortion has established a new variant of slavery. Legalized abortion has fostered a moral slavery where millions, including our current president have jeopardized their souls for what is arguably the mass murder of over 65 million unborn and unwanted children.

Slavery has often been called our original sin because our founders compromised on principle for the sake of unity and pragmatism. The moral slavery of abortion looms as our actual sin since it had never existed as a human right. In the founding fathers case, at least they believed slavery would eventually prove unprofitable and the South would adopt industrialization. The cotton gin changed all that. While the abortion lobby and its mostly Democratic allies pay lip service to making abortion rare, the Biden administration has given lie to that empty slogan.

This begs the question as to how did abortion become enmeshed in the law of the land? In an article, Roe vs. Wade and Penumbra, which appeared in Rapture Ready in 2019, Jean-Louis Mondon provides some serious insight. We, therefore, conclude that the right of personal privacy includes the abortion decision, Justice Harry Blackmun wrote in the majority decision. Mondon urges his readers to search the Constitution for this so-called right to privacy or any synonym, and you will come up empty.

Ignoring the Constitution’s due process clause that forbids the taking of life, liberty or property without an impartial hearing, seven white male justices abrogated the abortion laws of 50 state legislatures. As a result, these justices, who included Chief Justice Warren Burger, put millions of unborn babies at grave risk because they connected the right to choose whatever one wanted with an opaque privacy right that they mysteriously found in the penumbra of the Bill of Rights. This usurpation of states rights in deciding the abortion issue for themselves was the greatest attack on America’s Constitution and its democratic process since the Civil War.

Just what is a penumbra? Webster’s defines it as a shadowy, indefinite, or marginal area, similar to a shadow outside the complete shadow of an opaque body, as a planet, where the light from the source of illumination is only partly cut off. Talk about grasping for straws, one can easily see how this was an act of judicial tyranny. Millions of human beings continue to forfeit their right to life because of a bogus right found in the shadows? This egregious reasoning is more fit for Seances, Horoscopes and Tarot Cards in some seedy carnival tent, instead of the chambers of the Supreme Court Building.

The Court’s reliance on a penumbra reminded me of the old radio program, based on a pulp fiction series called The Shadow. The introductory line from the radio adaptation of The Shadow – Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! is pregnant with meaning for the world today. The gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows, which my prepubescent sister-in-law used to watch 50 years ago, was a fictionalized account of a family, steeped in the world of the occult and the mystical. Since the occult primarily deals with the devil, witchcraft and Satanism, I find that it is a perfect milieu for conjuring up a license to kill. Even Pope Francis has come out and called abortion murder and abortionists hitmen

We should not be surprised by Justice Harry Blackmun’s shadow play. He and fellow justices, William Brennan and William O. Douglas had been conspiring for years to enact such a ruling into untouchable law. Most people know that evil loves the darkness and most evil is committed in the shadows. The idea of ungodly behavior, taking place in the dark, is a major theme of the New Testament. In John’s Gospel, he says the light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to light, because their works were evil. How fitting is it that the right to an abortion has been found in the dark side of the Constitution!

Since 1973, the Left has developed a long and dedicated campaign to make abortion part of the lunatic mainstream. Virtually, all of America’s established institutions has been corrupted by the right to choose mantra without questioning what is chosen. Too many Americans have lost the ability to think and reason. Feelings and the passions are their driving force. All evil acts involve a right to choose. Thanks to a willing press and the Leftist entertainment establishment, pro-abortion references are ubiquitous.

Last month, my wife and I watched an interesting political drama on Netflix, called Borgen, which is the popular name for the Danish government building, Christiansborg. One of the principal characters is a journalist named Katrine Fonsmark, who has the sexual mores of an alley cat. In the very first episodes, her current paramour, a married man with high political connections, dies in her bed. Later she finds that she has become pregnant with his baby.

Against the admonitions of her former lover, Kasper Juul, to just get rid of it, Katrine decides to keep her baby, especially after seeing her sonogram. She continues to mourn the father of her baby, until his irate wife shames her by throwing her flower bouquet in her face. She demands that she never to return to his grave site.

Humiliated, she despairs and aborts her baby in a clinic with few signs of personal remorse. One would have thought that she would have wanted to keep the child as a flesh and blood reminder of her lost love. But unexpected babies have a way of being inconvenient for female professionals. In what I think was a prime moment in TV irony, Kasper, a successful spin doctor for the Moderates, another name for Progressives in Denmark, has already praised her original choice in a veiled reference for a speech, he had written for the Danish Prime Minister, Brigette Nyborg. Jasper waxed poetically about the Danes’ faith in the future, vital enough to pass it down to their children.

Though Katrine’s rash action was thoroughly consistent with the overall amoral tone of Danish society, it rang like a bell from a dark and hidden tower. Just when I was mentally relishing her courage in the face of social pressure, she became an instant conformer, unworthy of any praise or sympathy. I could not use the words bravery or courage because they applied no more, while Jasper’s mind-change had quickly fallen in step with the social mores that held abortion in an esteemed position. I see no moral courage in following the dictates of a society that had lost its soul and respect for human life.

This Danish presentation is all too familiar in this country. In the wake of the controversial Texas law, prohibiting abortion after six weeks, the Left has mobilized its feminist acolytes to tout their courage in procuring abortions during their early lives. Three Democratic Congresswomen shed tears before a House panel about how difficult their decisions to abort their babies were. They became immediate folk heroes for the Progressives. Cori Bush from St. Louis was heralded in a letter to the Post-Dispatch as being one courageous woman for telling her abortion story. Orwell must have been spinning in his grave at that one.

While Bush was being publicly anointed, a Republican Congresswoman, newly elected, Florida’s Kat Cammack told her compelling story of how her mother, despite being a single mother, defied her doctors’ pressure to abort her. Her story was virtually igtnored by the panel and the lunatic mainstream media. They wanted to hear about their heroes who sacrificed their babies on the sacred altar of political power and were now gloating while callously waving their bloody towel of abortion.

An obvious fact about courage in this country is that it is relative to which political party one belongs to and how loyal you are to its evolving principles. Two Democratic Senators, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Krysten Sinema have found themselves in their party’s crosshairs for their moderate opposition to Joe Biden’s large satchel of spending and tax bills that could push the country over the cliff of insolvency in a nanosecond. An op-ed in the Wall Street Journal contrasted the way Democrats always raved about the late Republican Senator John McCain who was considered a Maverick by his party because he frequently voted with the Democrats. McCain relished being contrary to what most Republicans wanted, much to the enjoyment of the people across the aisle in the Senate.

But when Sinema exhibited a similar Arizonian strain of independence, in the spirit of McCain and Barry Goldwater, she was castigated as a traitor to her party, a heretic to the Progressive Faith and a turncoat to their holy secular cause. No Maverick here! To demonstrate the gravity of her crimes, her Party decided to show her no quarter. Activists alleged to have been financed by Democratic benefactor George Soros, sprang into action to demonstrate their Orwellian Two Minute Hate. They disrupted a class she teaches at Arizona State University and then followed her into the Ladies room as they kept filming. Later they tweeted their footage. The Democrats have become notorious for eating their own. Until Sinema comes crawling back, dressed in sack cloth and ashes, she will be on their daily menu. True courage is not the only idea to fall victim to the party line. Abortion has spawned a legion of cultural disruptions that continue to undermine America’s heritage, ethic and uniqueness.

The aforementioned Representative Bush also referred to pregnant women as birthing people. Bush was parroting the new tactic of eliminating women as the only persons who can have a baby and underscoring their insane idea that men and women are 100% fungible. Anyone who follows their Lunatic Science would more than likely find themselves in an insane asylum so ludicrous is this popular idea from the Left. They believe that men can, not only menstruate, but actually have children. What they are really promoting is the existence of several different modes of gender, somewhere between 70 and a 100, depending on whom you ask.

Another Netflix film did provide me with some extra food for thought. Smart People actually did not bring the A word into its plot, even though there was an awkward pregnancy involved. This accidental baby, unlike Katrine’s, took its first real breath at the end of the movie. One of the other principal characters, a precocious senior in high school, was played by the Canadian actress, the former Ellen Page, who won many hearts with her pro-life role in the 2007 movie, Juno about another precocious teen, who defies the conventional wisdom and brings her baby to term.

Seven years later, at the age of 27, Page came out as a lesbian. After a failed marriage with another lesbian, Page became known as the transgendered Elliot Page. I found several photos of her in men’s bathing trunks. She had her breast tissue removed and were it not for her androgynous baby face, she would have appeared as a very small-bodied man. However no mention was made of the status of her female genitalia. If she still possesses her natural organs, how can she call herself a man? This would make Bush right in some very twisted way. If Page  still has her womb, she can reproduce normally with a biological man. This Brave New World is making me dizzy. I almost wish it would stop so I could get off. 

Ideas, such as these carry the Orwellian Newspeak to their lowest dimension. Such ideas were virtually unheard of, outside a mental ward or a science fiction author’s mind, until recently. All of these issues revolve around planet abortion. Abortion has been the nexus of the great cultural divide when linked to the remnants of slavery. Together the two movements threaten to discard the American experiment into the trash can of history.

This has not just happened because of serendipity or in a vacuum but has been in the fertile minds of the Left since Rousseau, Marx, Nietzsche, Lenin and their thousands of apostles who have spread the gospel of Communistic perversion over the last 75 years. The American penumbra has kept them hidden from the eyes of too many intelligent Americans for several generations. It is time to open the curtains and rekindle the Light of the World.

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Written by
William Borst